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do lpn take nclex

The Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is a professional nurse who has successfully passed the NCLEX exam. Depending on the state, the LPN is also referred to as a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN). If you wonder, “Do LPNs take NCLEX?” the answer is yes. Licensed practical nurses must pass the NCLEX-PN exam before being allowed to practice the nursing profession.

NCLEX is a standardized examination that evaluates the skills, knowledge, and competencies of candidates wanting to enter the nursing profession in the US. As a professional exam, NCLEX demands the utmost for aspiring LPNs. A sure way to prepare for the LPN exam is to utilize Naxlex test preparation resources. Pass the NCLEX-PN the first time through Naxlex help.

What Does the LPN Exam Assess? – NCLEX LPN

Entering the professional nursing field demands mastery of core nursing concepts. You will be assessed the mastery of the nursing content through the NCLEX-PN. The exam comprises computerized questions that evaluate your skills and competencies in different nursing areas. If you ask “Do LPNs take NCLEX?”, the following are some of the areas you will be examined in the NCLEX exam. The percentages of the questions evaluated is indicated in each content area.

  1. Coordinated care constituting 18% to 24%
  2. Safety and infection control constituting 10% to 16%
  3. Health promotion and maintenance comprising 6% to 12%
  4. Psychosocial integrity constitutes 9% to 15%
  5. Basic care and comfort comprising 7% to 13%
  6. Pharmacological therapies constituting 10% to 16%
  7. Reduction of risk level comprising of 9% to 15%
  8. Physiological adaptation constituting 7% to 13%

The NCLEX-PN exam constitutes a computer adaptive test, meaning each question answered correctly determines the difficulty level of the following question and also the total number of questions you can answer. The minimum number of questions in the LPN examination is 85, while the maximum is 205. The exam must be completed within five hours.

You may only complete some of the questions. The system stops showing more questions once it’s determined with 95% precision that you have answered adequate items correctly or incorrectly to attain a position above or below the standard passing grade. The passing score for the NCLEX-PN varies and changes every three years. Your performance must be above the passing score to get the LPN qualification.

Grading of the NCLEX-PN Exam

The NCLEX-PN is graded using a unique system. Rather than getting the point equivalent reflecting the correct or average difficulty of the questions answered, the grading is measured in “logits.” Since the exam comprises computer-adaptive questions, the test administrator utilizes logit scoring to determine whether the exam taker passes or fails.

Ideally, if you get a logit score of -0.18 or higher, you have answered adequate questions correctly, thus passing the exam. Conversely, if you score below -0.18, you need to answer adequate questions correctly; thus, you have failed the test. If you answer at least 75 of the questions, the computer software can determine with 95% precision whether you have passed or failed; the exam will end at that point.

If the computer program is not 95% sure of your results, you will continue seeing questions until it okays your performance or until you respond to the maximum number of questions. Once you reach the maximum, the computer program will determine whether you have achieved the passing score.

Although NCLEX-PN grading might sound complicated, it isn’t. The better you are prepared for the exam, the fewer questions you will answer. If you meet the standard passing score, you will only get a message that you passed the test. Once you fail, you will receive a summarized report showing your performance on each section of the exam.

How to Prepare for NCLEX LPN Exam

Preparing for the LPN exam is not easy, but with the right resources and strategies, aspiring LPNs can boost their chances of passing the test on the first trial. We have summarized a few tips and strategies to help you prepare for the NCLEX-PN test.

Understand NCLEX LPN Format

NCLEX-PN tests comprise computerized questions. Thus, the difficulty level of the questions depends on the candidate’s ability. Aspiring LPN applicants must familiarize themselves with the exam format. One approach to help you comprehend the test format is to practice using exercise questions.

Have a Study Plan

It’s crucial to have a study timetable that guides your study plan. The timetable should cover all the examinable NCLEX-PN content areas. The timetable must create sufficient time for content review and exercise questions to evaluate the areas that need more preparation.

Use Trustworthy Learning Materials

The materials you use to prepare for the LPN exam can affect your preparedness level. While there are many preparation resources, including books, online courses, social platforms, and practice questions, Aspiring LPNs must utilize trustworthy study materials. Naxlex, for instance, provides reliable and up-to-date test preparation materials to prepare students for NCLEX success.

Take Practice Questions

Practice questions are effective NCLEX-PN preparation materials. The questions contained in the questions can help you recognize your strong and weak areas. This can give a better preparation strategy as you can focus on the areas that need further preparation. Being fully prepared before the exam will give you the confidence you need to take the exam successfully.

Seek NCLEX LPN Support

Like any other exam, NCLEX-PN test preparation can be quite stressful. Thus, aspiring nursing candidates should get personalized support from their peers, family, and friends. Joining a study group and seeking help from tutors can be beneficial to individuals needing additional assistance. 

The above tips and strategies can help prospective LPNs to prepare for the exam successfully thus approaching the exam day with confidence required for NCLEX-PN success.

Get LPN Success with Naxlex

LPNs do take the NCLEX exam. As an aspiring LPN, if you want to utilize an effective method to prepare for the NCLEX-PN, then Naxlex is all you need. Our test preparation tool contains broad coverage of all the concepts evaluated in the NCLEX exam. The well-curated study materials comprise practice questions, guides, flashcards, and interactive quizzes. The goal of these resources is to prepare you for the test day. Join Naxlex for a guaranteed LPN success story.

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