Naxlex Blog TEAS Practice Test How Do I Send My HESI Scores To Other Schools?

How Do I Send My HESI Scores To Other Schools?

There are times when aspiring nursing students may want to share their HESI scores with other scores apart from the one where they did the exam. It is one step that will help them to gain admission to other schools in case they do not achieve the minimum scores to enable them to gain admission to the school where they sat for the exam. But how do I send my HESI scores to other schools? This article explains how you can share your HESI scores with other schools. 

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HESI Scores 

The HESI exam has a total of 10 subject exams. The majority of the nursing schools will only need their candidates to take 3 to 5 sections of the HESI exam and not all 10. Every HESI sub-section test scores separately ranging from a scale of 0 to 100 with each nursing school setting its own passing score. However, there are nursing schools that may require test takers to get a 75% on one section and 80% on a different section. Although the scores are always scored differently on every section of the test, the candidates will always receive a composite score for the entire exam. The composite score is the average score of all the sub-tests. 

How Do I Send My HESI Scores to Other Schools?

Candidates are able to share their HESI scores with other schools apart from their current schools. They can achieve this by requesting a copy of the HESI transcript. To request a copy of the HESI transcript, they will have to submit a HESI transcript request form via Elsevier.  To access, the link, visit the official Elsevier homepage

To successfully complete the request, the test takers will have to enter all their payment information and save the confirmation of their request. Confirmation request together with the transcript request form will have to be emailed to When you are through with the above steps, Elsevier will thereafter send the HESI transcripts to the schools you choose. 

Breakdown of HESI Scores

In the table below, we review the scoring breakdown table to give you a clear idea of what the percentage scores mean. 

Percentage ScoreBreakdown
90% to 100%Excellent
80% to 89%Very Good
75% to 79%Satisfactory
Below 75%Needs Improvement

All students who take their HESI exam from their computer will receive their HESI scores immediately after completion of the exam and a detailed score report approximately 7 days after the examination. The detailed score report will list a breakdown of performance for every section, providing students with a better idea of where they did well and areas where they did not perform well.

What are HESI Score Requirements for Nursing Schools?

Although every nursing school has its own requirement, there are minimum expectations that surround every school. In most cases, the scoring requirements will always vary between every HESI test section. For example, there are schools that will require their students to score at least 80% in the reading section but only 70% in the math section. 

There are schools that have a cumulative score requirement that aspiring nursing students have to exceed before they can get admission into the health program. 

There are nursing programs that like to include tests such as the HESI exam scores as part of their test takers’ course grades with the HESI score conversion meant to make the entire process simple. There is never a huge difference between the HESI score on the 1500-point scale compared to the converted score. It is a simple way of expressing how the test takers did perform on the exam. 

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