What Score Do You Need To Pass The HESI
Naxlex Blog TEAS Practice Test What Score Do You Need To Pass The HESI? 

What Score Do You Need To Pass The HESI? 

What Score Do You Need To Pass The HESI

Nursing schools use HESI scores as part of the admission process as it helps assess the applicants. The chances that a student will be successful in their nursing program are always determined by the nursing institution using the HESI scores. The nursing schools want to be sure that the admitting students can study nursing or any health program comfortably. This article answers the question; what score do you need to pass the HESI? 

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What Score Do You Need To Pass The HESI? 

There is no official or standard passing score for the HESI exam. Instead, every school that uses the HESI exam to evaluate aspiring students who want to gain admission to their institution has its standard for the passing score that they consider a pass. It means some schools require higher passing scores than other schools. In most cases, only some health learning institutions will accept HESI scores below 70%, while some institutions will not go below 75%. 

Each of the subtests in the HESI test is scored independently. Therefore, there is always a possibility that a student will score high in some subtests than other subtests. When you score between 90% and 100% for all the subtests, you will gain admission as the score is excellent. However, the score is good when it ranges between 80% and 89%. HESI scores between 75% and 79% are satisfactory. However, some health institutions consider scores between 70% and 74% satisfactory. No health school will accept HESI scores on subtests below 70%, while certain schools will only accept scores between 70% and 74%. 

To help you determine the score you need to achieve to meet the minimum entry point for a particular nursing school, you need to contact the school’s admission office for information on what scores they accept. 

Grading of HESI Exam 

The HESI exam is scored on a percentage system. 100% is the highest possible score a student can achieve. The HESI exam results will offer test takers a percentage score for every subtest they undertake and the cumulative score. The cumulative score is also the average HESI score for all the subtests. It is essential to know that no passing score applies to all the exam takers. Every nursing school sets its own HESI score requirements. Test takers planning to take the HESI exam must check the admission requirements for the post-secondary school to which they intend to apply. 

The percentage scale of the HESI exam ranges from 0% to 100%. For instance, in the math HESI section, when a test taker answers 50 of the 55 questions correctly, they will get a 91% on that exam section. The test taker will receive cumulative and individual scores for every exam section. The cumulative score will be the average score of all the subtests. 

For instance, when a test taker scores 91% in the math section, 82% in the reading comprehension section, 85% in the grammar section, and 88% in the vocabulary section, the cumulative score will be 86.5%. 

There are nursing schools that will require their students to have a cumulative score of a particular amount which in most cases is above 70%. Some schools require students to achieve a certain percentage on every subtest. The requirements are always different depending on the health program and the school. 

When applying for a competitive health program, there are high chances you will need a more competitive score. 

How Does One Send HESI Scores to Other Schools?

Candidates can submit their HESI scores to schools other than those where they did an exam. They can do this by requesting a copy of their HESI transcript result. They achieve this by submitting the HESI transcript request form through Elsevier. The link is always available on the Elsevier site. 

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