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How to Calculate HESI Score

Nursing institutions use the HESI score to review nursing applications during admissions and applications. The HESI examination scored on a scale of 0-100%. For instance, students who correctly score 50 out of 55 questions on the math section receive 91% on that section. The institutions use the HESI score to identify if students are ready for their nursing program. The exam is unique because each school has its score requirements and passing scores and can choose what sections to administer. How to Calculate HESI Score.

The HESI exam has eight potential sections they can administer; however, not all are usually given. The sections are scored separately on a 0-100% scale. Also, most schools admit students in the 70-75% range. Before that, why should you prepare for your HESI exam with Naxlex?

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calculate hesi score
calculate hesi score

Understanding the HESI exam

We should delve into the HESI exam’s content and structure before learning to calculate your HESI score. The exam is designed to determine your readiness for nursing school. It covers various subjects, including pharmacology, anatomy and physiology, pediatrics, obstetrics, and more. The exam consists of multiple questions weighted differently depending on the difficulty level.

Components of the HESI score

Different components contribute to your HESI score. The exam has three main sections: the HESI exit exam, the HESI admissions assessment exam (A2), and the HESI specialty exam. Each section has its scoring system and is reported separately.

How is the HESI examination scored?

The HESI examination scored on a scale of 0-100%. For instance, students who correctly score 50 out of 55 questions on the math section receive 91% on that section. However, you should also be aware that students get a cumulative score regardless of whether each section is scored separately.

The score represents an average of all their subtests’ scores. For instance, students that get 85% in grammar, 91% in math, 88% in vocabulary, and 82% in reading and comprehension get an 86.5% cumulative score on the entire test.

Some institutions require test takers to get a cumulative score beyond a certain percentage (usually more than 70%). In contrast, others require the students to pass a specific percentage in each subject. Often, the scores vary depending on the program and school. Students applying for competitive programs should prepare to score competitively higher scores to stand out.

The HESI exit examination is scored on a 0-1000 scale and is provided by exam administrators. The scoring accounts for the exam’s difficulty level and is compared with other test takers. Additionally, the percentile ranks provided will help you understand your performance relative to other students.

The scaled scores are done in percentile ranks, indicating the percentage of candidates who scored below your score. For instance, receiving an 80 percentile rank means you scored better than 80% of all test takers who took a similar version of the HESI exit exam.

HESI scores conversion chart

Most students need help with what their scores translate to. Getting 90%+ means you have an excellent score, while 80-90% means you are above average. Getting a 75-80% on your score means you are average while scoring below 75% reflects a potential fail. Regardless, you should remember that each school sets its preferred pass score.

What is a good HESI score?

A good HESI score lets you get into your nursing program of choice. As mentioned earlier, this score isn’t set in stone, and each school has unique requirements. Your program will likely offer guidance regarding your specific HESI passing score; however, other programs don’t.

HESI score calculator

Most students want to know the number of questions they should answer correctly to pass their exams. While various institutions have unique requirements, scoring 75%+ is a good start. Here are the number of questions from the HESI admissions exam you should score right to achieve a 75% score on each subject.

HESI Math425575%
HESI Anatomy and Physiology233075%
HESI Vocab425575%
HESI Biology233075%
HESI Grammar425575%
HESI Reading425575%
HESI Chemistry233075%
HESI Physics192575%

Note: Each section of the HESI exam has some unscored questions. Thus, the number of questions you should answer correctly to achieve the 75%+ score may vary slightly. You can divide the number of questions you can answer right by the total number of questions if you want to create your HESI score calculator. Multiply the answer by 1oo to get your percentage score.

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