HESI Study Guide

HESI Study Guide

HESI Study Guide

Nurses and other health specialists take the HESI entrance exam to assess their skills in the nursing field. Nursing schools utilize the HESI A2 exam in the admission process. To pass your HESI A2 exam, adequate preparation is essential. Free HESI study guide can be a resourceful product for your preparation journey.
The free HESI study guide may provide limited exposure to the demands of the HESI exam. This is the reason why using a premium HESI study guide can help you unlock all the guidance you deserve to know about the exam. Naxlex is one product that guarantees you a pass on the first attempt with a score greater than 90%. Excel in your HESI exam with Naxlex.

Who Is Supposed to Take HESI A2 Exam?

Some nursing schools require applicants to pass the HESI A2 exam to evaluate their preparedness level. Checking whether the school you want to join requires a test assessment is vital to ensure your preparedness for admission. The HESI exit exam tests student readiness before the nursing licensure examination and is administered during the training.
The HESI A2 exam was developed by Elsevier, a technology company focused on health science and technology fields. The company has created HESI exams for various professional fields, including; nursing, dental assistants, dental hygiene, massage therapy, radiography, and veterinary sciences.

Subjects Covered in HESI Study Guide

The HESI exam comprises eight examination subsets. The subjects include math, grammar, vocabulary, reading, biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, and physiology. A well-designed HESI free study guide should provide practice questions for all the subjects examined in the HESI A2 exam to prepare for the exam effectively.

HESI A2 Study Guide

Each of the content areas examines a total of 25 to 50 scored questions. The time requirement per content section is estimated at 20 to 60 minutes. Additionally, there are 14 and 15 questions for the learning style and personality assessment which some schools ask applicants to complete. Therefore, you must find the portion your school requires before registering for the HESI exam.

1. HESI Math Section Analysis: HESI Study Guide

The math concepts explored under the HESI section relate to mathematical applications within the healthcare profession. Free HESI study guide for math can provide limited guidance on the core concepts examined in math. The evaluated subjects include metric units, decimals & fractions, ratios & proportions, dosage calculations, measurements & conversions, and basic math calculations.

2. HESI Vocabulary Section Analysis

The vocabulary section of the HESI exam provides learners with words they will be asked to respond to correctly. The words presented in the vocabulary are those commonly used in the healthcare and medical field. Compared to HESI free study guides, Naxlex`s HESI Study Guide will give you the knowledge you need to handle the HESI vocabulary section successfully. 

3. HESI Reading Comprehension Section Analysis: HESI Study Guide

Reading comprehension tests the applicant’s ability to read, comprehend, and interpret health-related briefs. Concepts explored under this subject include the ability to make inferences, determine themes, establish the meaning of words, and understand passages. 

4. HESI Grammar Section Analysis

Grammar is the building block for coherent sentences. Concepts learned and are examinable under the grammar section include grammatical terms for healthcare briefs, parts of a speech, and common grammatical errors. HESI study guides can be useful preparatory materials to help you plan for the HESI exam. 

5. HESI Biology Section Analysis

The study of living things is at the centre of the healthcare profession. An understanding of body composition is critical for a successful vocation in the healthcare field. The concepts explored in this section cover the basic biological principles, including body cells, metabolism, cellular respiration, molecules, and photosynthesis. Using the Naxlex HESI study guide for your prep will give you an edge in your preparation efforts. 

6. HESI Chemistry Section Analysis

Pharmaceutical supplies are an important aspect of the healthcare profession. With drug provision, curative medicine becomes available. Chemistry is a vital subject in the development of medicinal supplies. Concepts explored include matter, the periodic table, chemical bonding & reactions, atomic structure, and chemical equations. 

7. HESI Anatomy and Physiology Section Analysis

The anatomy and physiology content area tests your basic knowledge of internal organs. The topics learned in this section include body systems, physiological terminology, and anatomical structures. Invest in appropriate HESI study guides, such as the Naxlex, to effectively prepare this content area. 

8. HESI Physics Section Analysis

The application of physics is widespread in medical engineering. Basic concepts examined in this section include energy, friction, Newton’s law of motion, waves & sound, lights and optics, and other physics applications. 

HESI Study Guide – How to Study for HESI Effectively?

Scoring the required grades is paramount for your admission to a nursing school. Steller performance calls for thorough preparation for your HESI exam. The following activities can help you plan for the exam;

a) Read the Right Topics

Not all schools test the eight sub-areas of the HESI exam. It’s advisable, therefore, to check with the school to find the examinable topics to plan accordingly. 

b) Choose the Right HESI Study Guide

Study guides are vital materials that can help with HESI preparation. Although there are free HESI study guides online, they come with limitations on their preparation level. A superior HESI study guide like Naxlex can give you all the skills you need to pass your exam on the first attempt.

c) Take HESI Practice Test

Practice tests will give you a feel of the real exam. Some tests like Naxlex will predict the main exam at 99% accuracy. Thus, by using Naxlex for your HESI preparation, you can guarantee an excellent pass on your first attempt.


The HESI exam can be challenging for applicants who need preparation. Candidates can use several preparatory tools to prepare for the HESI A2 exam. One of the resources available is a free HESI study guide that you can access online through various platforms. The free version offers limited options regarding HESI test preparation.
A more excellent resource that can help you unlock all the details you need to know ahead of the exam day is Naxlex. The test prep offers two packages designed to give you a clear win in your HESI exam on the first attempt. Once you use the test in your preparation classes, you will guarantee a score of 90% or higher. Try Naxlex now.

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