Is the HESI Test Free?
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What Is The Hesi Exam?

Is the HESI Test Free?

What Is The Hesi Exam? The HESI (Health Systems, Inc.) Exam, officially known as the HESI Admission Assessment Exam, is a standardized test used by many nursing schools and healthcare programs as part of their admission process. The exam is designed to assess students’ academic preparedness and evaluate their potential for success in nursing or other healthcare-related fields.
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What is in the The Hesi Exam?

The HESI entrance test comprises 326 items evaluated from eight sub-sections of the Hesi Exam content areas. Each content area evaluates concepts related to the main subject area as applied in healthcare. The questions derive from the following sections:

1. Math

Nursing care extensively utilizes math, including dosage prescription and interpreting charts.The section comprises 50 questions that students must answer within 50 minutes, resulting in an average of one minute per question. This highlights the importance of being well-prepared for the HESI math section. The questions examined in the math test cover the following concepts: numbers, decimals, fractions, ratios, percentages, and divisions, among others.

2. Anatomy & Physiology 

Anatomy is a critical component of nursing care. In order to offer effective nursing care, nurses must comprehend the structure of the human body. The anatomy and physiology section contains 30 questions that evaluators assess within 25 minutes. Concepts tested in this content area include histology, body organs and systems, mitosis, and general anatomical terminologies.

3. Biology

Biology deals with the study of living organisms. Nurses must understand the connection between biology and anatomy. The biology content section covers 25 questions examined within 25 minutes. The questions test your knowledge in the following areas; DNA, photosynthesis, cells, cellular respiration, body fluids, and classification of organisms.

4. Chemistry

Drugs issued to patients produce chemical effects. Nurses should know the behavior of medicines prescribed to their patients. Chemistry knowledge is useful in such applications. The HESI chemistry section consists of 25 questions evaluated within 25 minutes. The questions test basic knowledge regarding the following topics: periodic table, acids & bases, measurements of units, chemical equations & reactions, and atoms, among other chemistry issues.

5. Grammar

Grammar is paramount in the healthcare profession. Nurses must communicate effectively with patients and other healthcare professionals for appropriate treatment. The grammar comprises 50 questions tested within 50 minutes. For successful preparation of this section, you need to familiarize yourself with the following examinable topics; punctuations, structure of sentences, parts of a speech, verbs, and tenses.

6. Reading comprehension

Nurses must be able to read written information to provide nursing care. Reading comprehension evaluates your ability to read, understand, and interpret written communication in healthcare. Topics tested cover the following areas; identifying the main idea in a passage, finding facts & opinions, making conclusions, meaning of words, and identifying tones.

7. Vocabulary & general knowledge

Nurses who can communicate to a broader audience through more excellent vocabulary can offer accessible healthcare. Vocabulary and general knowledge consist of 50 questions that students are supposed to complete within 50 minutes. Concepts covered include word origins, prefixes & suffixes in the medical field, and a variety of medical terminologies.

8. Physics

The application of physics in the medical field is useful in radiology applications, including X-rays and oncology. Physics consists of a total of 25 questions evaluated within 25 minutes. The subjects covered and tested in this section include light, motion, gravitational force, electricity, kinetic energy, and mass.
Additionally, some schools may require applicants to compete two other sections to evaluate the candidates’ learning styles and personality profiles. The learning style consists of 14 questions evaluated within 15 minutes. The personality profile comprises 15 questions that should be completed within 15 minutes. 
The HESI exam coverage is wide, as described above. Since the test is not free, there is a need to ensure applicants are thoroughly prepared for the exam. Retaking the exam can be costly both in time and money. Thus, investing in a good HESI preparatory test is highly recommended if you wish to excel in your exam on the first attempt. A great product that can empower you achieve your admission goals is Naxlex. 

What is the Cost of Preparing for The Hesi Exam?

While free HESI practice test guides can be found online, they offer limited preparation support. The most effective resource to use for your Hesi Exam preparation is a paid package such as the one offered by Naxlex, which provides the test preparation services from as low as $59 for monthly access.

Free HESI Practice Test

Generally, the cost for paid HESI A2 entrance practice test depends on the provider of the preparation test materials. Many providers charge an average fee is $70 per month to access online study materials. Print materials can cost more than $300. Additionally, tutors can charge between $45-$60 per hour.
It is easy to pass the HESI- with sufficient preparation using first-in-class practice materials like the one offered by Naxlex, you will easily achieve the passing score, which stands at 70% – 80% according to the nursing school you want to join.

Here are some of the best ways you can use to study for the Hesi Exam:

  • Use the best HESI exercise test..
  • Use extra study materials such as; flashcards, study guides, etc.
  • Time yourself to have a feel of the exam environment.
How to Pass the Hesi Entrance Exam?

Adequate preparation can help you pass the exam with the required score.

Is Hesi Harder than Nclex (

Hesi and Nclex exams are critical exams for every nursing candidate. The two exams comprise individual difficulty levels, with Hesi being harder than the Nclex, as most students portray.


The HESI exam can be costly, especially if you are retaking the exam. Imagine paying $110 severally until you achieve the passing score of 70% – 80% depending on the school. This is not only expensive but also time-wasting. Since there is no option to obtain a free HESI test, your only choice is to ensure that you are fully prepared before the exam.
The Naxlex is a proven yet affordable test preparatory product that experts have carefully developed to address your HESI preparation requirements. Naxlex test provides world- class practice questions that give you the tricks you need to pass the exam in your first endeavor. You can get more outstanding scores than other students. Join Naxlex now.

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