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Why TEAS Practice Test Cost More Than The TEAS Exam

The TEAS test is affordable for any prospective student who has dreams of joining nursing school. However, the cost of the TEAS Practice Test exam tends to vary from one individual to another based on the number of ordered transcripts, the school, and additional purchases.

Although there is no specific answer to the exact cost of the TEAS test because it varies from one taker to another, a special consideration is that the TEAS practice test costs more than the actual TEAS test. Before we look into why the practice TEAS test is more expensive than the actual TEAS exam, you should know that affordable TEAS tests exist in the market.

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Why TEAS Practice Test Cost More Than The TEAS Exam

Why TEAS Practice Test Cost More Than TEAS Exam

TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) practice tests help students prepare for the TEAS exam. As you probably know, passing the TEAS exam is easy, but proper preparation, including the use of the TEAS practice test is paramount. According to experts, the practice TEAS tests will help you score better on the actual Exam.

That said, the TEAS practice tests are more costly than TEAS exam because of the following reasons:

  • Content development and Maintenance are Expensive

The development of unique and standardized TEAS practice tests requires the input of professionals who charge a lump sum amount for their services. That doesn’t mean actual TEAS exams aren’t created by experts. Well, the leading TEAS practice test providers like hire specialists to develop and maintain content that resembles the exam. That includes engaging with specific subject experts who will create, review and update the practice test depending on the adjustments made on the ATI TEAS exam.

  • High Demand

The law of demand and supply states that when the market for a particular product increases and the supply decreases or remains constant, its price will increase. That is the same mechanism that is driving the high cost of the TEAS practice test compared to the actual exam.

Most students are after the  TEAS practices tests because of the following reasons;

  • To familiarize with the format and structure of the TEAS exam
  • Assess their readiness and identify areas of weakness for further study
  • Build confidence and reduce test anxiety by practicing in a simulated testing environment
  • Increase their chances of success and improve their TEAS exam scores
  • Gain access to detailed explanations and feedback for each test question
  • Supplement study materials and practice their skills in various test-taking scenarios.
  • TEAS practice Test Have Value-added Features

Most of the TEAS practice tests are known to offer customized feedback, correct answers, and detailed explanations to the nursing student. Furthermore, platforms like offer TEAS study resources that will guarantee an A grade. The additional features, like the customized response and ability to differentiate the correct and incorrect answers increase the overall price of the TEAS practice test.

  • Test Delivery Method

The TEAS exam is administered in person at a testing facility, whereas a TEAS sample test may be accessed digitally. The increased price of TEAS practice tests may be due to the time and money required to create and maintain an online testing platform.

  • Copyright and Licensing Fees

To use copyrighted content or intellectual property related to the TEAS exam, the developers of TEAS practice tests may be required to pay licensing fees. These charges may increase the final price of the sample exams.

  • Marketing and Advertising Costs

Platforms that sell TEAS practice exams may have to spend money on marketing and promotion to attract clients.

What is the Estimated Cost of the ATI TEAS test?

Taking the ATI TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is a critical step for anyone seeking a profession in the healthcare industry. It’s cheaper than the TEAS practice test, but the final cost of taking the exam varies based on several variables, including the proctoring technique, the test taker’s school, and any extra charges or items purchased through ATI.

Taking the ATI TEAS exam with a proctoring method supplied by ATI or PSI costs $115, whereas taking the same test at a college may carry a fee of around $100. Candidates who enroll for the TEAS exam through ATI can pay their registration cost using a credit or debit card when they complete their registration. The accepted payment options include Visa, American Express, Discover cards, and MasterCard.

Notably, candidates may pay additional fees besides the standard TEAS test fee, depending on their testing location. Examples of additional costs include proctor fees, hotel expenses, and scheduling fees. Moreover, candidates may be asked to buy other transcript credits for $27 a piece. These credits are nonrefundable and never expire.

What is the Right TEAS Cost and What Happens if You Miss Paid TEAS Exam?

Generally, the anticipated cost of the ATI TEAS exam varies based on many variables, including the manner of proctoring, the testing venue, and any additional fees or purchases. When registering for the exam, you should carefully examine the costs of the situation.

If a candidate misses their TEAS exam, they must pay the retake cost. Applicants who must retake the ATI TEAS exam must pay the same amount as for the initial exam. There are no price reductions or discounts for retakes.

Get Started with Affordable Practice Test

If you plan to sit for the TEAS exam, you deserve to have multiple TEAS practice tests to help you prepare adequately. It will help you know the format and structure of the TEAS exam, and familiarize yourself with the types of questions that will likely come your way. Click here to register for the reasonably priced TEAS practice tests and study knowing you will pass your TEAS exam on the first attempt.

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