What is a Comprehensive Predictor Exam
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What is a Comprehensive Predictor Exam?

What is a Comprehensive Predictor Exam

Before any nursing student can realize their dream of becoming a professional nurse, they must undergo a series of exams. The RN Comprehensive Predictor exam is one such examination any nursing student will have to overcome in her quest to become a licensed nurse. This examination has an intimidating name that makes most students get scared of it. However, that is not the case. Like any other examination, one has to prepare well for the RN Comprehensive Predictor exam to pass on the first attempt. This article will explain what is a Comprehensive Predictor Exam and the different proficiency levels.

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What is a Comprehensive Predictor Exam?

This is an examination nursing schools use to help predict students’ success on the NCLEX Exam. It is a multi-choice exam that helps identify and measure the weaknesses and strengths of students in a nursing school

NCLEX exam tests on particular areas of nursing information. The will provide suggestions for the particular areas of weaknesses and for reviewing the content. 

The comprehensive Predictor Exam focuses on management, delegation, and priority in the nursing sector. The examination also adds rationale to nursing concepts; ensuring students have a firm grasp of all these concepts. Schools will require their students to pass the Comprehensive Predictor Exam before they can sit for the NCLEX exam. 

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How Many Questions Are on the Comprehensive Predictor Exam?

The Comprehensive Predictor Exam comprises 180 questions in total. However, only 150 questions will count toward the student’s final score. Additionally, the Comprehensive Predictor Exam’s passing requirement will vary from institution to institution. However, most colleges and universities will require their students to score at least 70%. 

How is the Comprehensive Predictor Exam Scored?

As you already know, the Comprehensive Predictor Exam helps predict the probability of a nursing student passing the NCLEX exam. For example, it can state the following prediction depending on how much you score on the Comprehensive Predictor Exam. 

  • 80.7% – 100% (Comprehensive Predictor) = 99% (Probability of Passing the NCLEX)
  • 78.0% – 80.0% (Comprehensive Predictor) = 98% (Probability of Passing the NCLEX)

Overview of the Proficiency Levels

The comprehensive Predictor Exam has three levels. There is Level 1, 2 and 3. Most nursing programs require a student to meet minimum level 2. However, Level 3 is considered the highest proficiency level, while Level 1 is the lowest. 

Here is a detailed breakdown of the proficiency levels:

  • Level 1: Means nursing students should meet the requirements in competency and knowledge, performance, and NCLEX standards. 
  • Level 2: Nursing student is almost certain to meet the requirements in competency and knowledge, performance, and NCLEX standards.
  • Level 3: The student is most likely to exceed the requirements in competency and knowledge, performance, and NCLEX standards.

However, when a student scores below proficiency level 1, there are many deficits in the nursing content. Such students are encouraged to complete and develop a special intensive remediation plan and review their nursing school content. 

Which one Between the Comprehensive Predictor Exam and NCLEX is Harder

These two examinations are comparable to each other. The ATI did create the Comprehensive Predictor Exam using broad nursing content that students will require to help them pass the NCLEX exam. All the materials ATI providers, together with their assessment tools, model the NCLEX. Most schools consider the Comprehensive Predictor Exam a clear indicator of the NCLEX performance. The students who take this exam will in most cases perform better on their first attempt on the NCLEX than those who do not. 

The Comprehensive Predictor Exam will provide a clear picture of what areas the student needs to prioritize improving when studying for the NCLEX. 

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