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Is Hesi Harder than Nclex?


Is Hesi Harder than Nclex? Hesi and Nclex exams are critical exams for every nursing candidate. The two exams comprise individual difficulty levels, with Hesi being harder than the Nclex, as most students portray. Although the hesi exam can be harder for many students, undertaking a well-planned test preparation ahead of the exam can benefit you.
The Hesi score equivalent to the Nclex passing score is 96-99%, meaning students who achieve a 900-score level or above will likely excel in their Nclex exam. A significant test prep that can help you score a 90% and above in your Hesi exam is Naxlex. Furthermore, the test provides test questions that emulate the actual exam with 99% accuracy prediction. Pass your Hesi exam the first time using Naxlex test prep.

Hesi Exam Content Areas

The Hesi exam consists of an estimated 5.25 hours. There are seven main sub-exams, with two being optional. The sub-exams evaluate student’s readiness in the following areas:

  • English language usage: this sub-area evaluates your skills in the following concepts: reading & comprehension, vocabulary & general knowledge, and grammar.
  • Basic maths skills
  • Science (topics and concepts examined under this part include chemistry, biology, anatomy, and physiology). 

The exam consists of three primary language-related exams comprising 50 questions each. The science examination consists of 25 questions, with a math sub-area carrying 50 questions. 

Is Hesi Harder than Nclex

Hesi consists of two exams; Hesi A2 and Hesi exit exams. Hesi A2 is a nursing test that some nursing colleges give to nursing course applicants to gauge their suitability for joining a nursing program. The Hesi exit exams measure the student’s comprehension of the nursing program and assess whether the student will pass the Nclex exam. The Nclex exam is the final exam given to nursing graduates before entering the nursing job market.

The examinable content area for the Hesi exit exam factors the Nclex examination concepts. It covers the whole nursing training to test the candidate’s understanding of nursing education. The resultant grade assesses the student’s position concerning the passing grade needed for the Nclex exam. With a sufficient grasp of the nursing training, the Hesi exit exam may be easy than the Hesi A2 exam.

Nclex Exam Content Areas

The Nclex exam evaluates the candidate’s preparedness to enter the nursing profession. The exam is done through online applications. The exam portal is automated, meaning; how an applicant responds to a question programs the difficulty level of the next question. The test evaluates the test-takers awareness of standard nursing care, and all the applicants must give a similar story to complete the exam.

The most significant portion of the Nclex exam, which covers 43%-67%, examines concepts related to physiological aptness, including: specific diseases, effects of maturing, ways for treating infections, and symptoms of mishandling children. 21-23% of the exam evaluates the applicant’s skills in a secure nursing care environment, including: facility test results and pharmaceuticals regulations.

12% of the Nclex exams evaluate the knowledge associated with well-being and body maintenance. The skills tested address critical issues related to approved calorie count and professional care of infants and newborn babies. Lastly, 12% of the questions cover the psychosocial support and long-term nursing skills needed for managing patients.

Hesi and Nclex Exam Timetable (Hesi vs Nclex)

The two exams are taken at different times concerning a student’s nursing level. The Hesi exam, a practice test in readiness for the Nclex exam, is done during nursing school training. Specific nursing colleges may need the Hesi exam for the nursing training modules. The school may use the exam outcome to affirm the student’s readiness to sit for the Nclex exam. 

The Hesi exam can be an effective preparation tool for many students who are about to join the nursing school. This is because any weaker area identified in the exam can be addressed before the Nclex exam is taken. Students who do not pass the exam can utilize the opportunity for remedial measures. This can boost the students’ preparation efforts ahead of the Nclex exam. Naxlex can be a resourceful study guide for your Hesi remedial classes.

How to Prepare for Hesi and Nclex Exams (Hesi Vs Nclex)

Excelling in any exam requires the exam-taker to prepare for the test effectively. It is the same when preparing for Hesi and Nclex exams. The Hesi test results give you a practical lens on where you stand concerning the Nclex exams. The following are some of the best ways to prepare for the Hesi and Nclex Exams. 

1. Use Practice Tests

Practice tests are good study resources that can equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to achieve the scores you deserve for both Hesi and Nclex exams. One excellent practice test available to you is the Naxlex. The test offers exercise questions that mirror the exam with a 99% accurate prediction.  When you use Naxlex in your preparation, you will be guaranteed a win on your first attempt. To achieve the best score today, try Naxlex. Practice tests can help you to familiarize with the exam format.

2. Use Flashcards:

Flashcards are great study resources you can use to prepare for your exam. They are simple to use, and you can carry them along. Flashcards can equip you with the skills you need to know about nursing care and standard practices.

3. Review the Examinable Topics

Understanding the fundamental concepts and topics evaluated in the exam is critical in your exam. Identify the topics and focus your study on areas that seem harder. You must therefore ensure that you cover all the necessary topics before the exam day. 

4. Study Harder

You will either take the Hesi exam to join your dream nursing school or in readiness to enter the nursing job market. Whichever the reason, ensure to study harder in your test preparation efforts, especially if you are taking the exam to get your nursing permit.

Conclusion – Is Hesi Harder than Nclex?

Hesi and Nclex exams are two widespread exams among nursing candidates. The Hesi exam can be harder than Nclex; however, with adequate preparation mechanisms, you can excel in your exam in your first trial.

A superior test preparation tool that can equip you with the proper knowledge and skills ahead of the Hesi exam is Naxlex. The test provides questions that mirror the final exam with 99% accuracy. In order to achieve the best Hesi score with Naxlex today.

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