can you take the hesi test online
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Can You Take The HESI Test Online?

can you take the hesi test online

Health Systems Incorporated (HESI) exam refers to a test suite developed by Elsevier. The test comprises an entrance exam HESI A2 and an exit exam, HESI A2CT. The HESI A2 computer-administered proctored test serves as the entrance exam for nursing schools. Any candidate who aspires to study nursing will have to pass the HESI A2 test to get admission to a nursing program. This article answers the question; can you take the HESI test online?

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HESI Exam Registration 

You can take the HESI test online if the proctor oversees the examination process remotely. The first thing is to do an online registration through the Prometric website or by calling the scheduling center. The HESI exam schedulers are available five days a week from 8.00 am to 9.00 pm. The registration process differs depending on the testing mode and location. HESI exam registration fees also vary from one examination center to another. The candidates must pay the registration fees before they can sit for the test. 

Registration Policies of the HESI Exam 

Nursing school policies vary regarding rescheduling or retaking the HESI exam. Some schools allow candidates to sit for the HESI exam up to 6 times a year. Others allow only two exam retakes. It means the HESI retake has varying wait times, ranging from 2 weeks to 60 days. Lead time and rescheduling feel also vary. 

Candidates doing HESI exams at prometric testing centers or the virtual remote testing at home will have to reschedule at least 30 days before the appointment for their test to avoid paying for rescheduling fees. 

When rescheduling 5 to 30 days before the exam, Prometric will always charge the candidates a fee of $15.00. When rescheduling less than five days before the test, the test taker must pay $60.00. When the candidate wants to cancel their exam appointment, they will have to do that at least five days before the test to enable them to get a full refund. You will never get a refund for cancellations less than five days before the exams. 

All the test takers must check with their prospective test centers for rescheduling, retakes, and canceling information. The Prometric policies are always available to the candidates before they schedule a test appointment. 

HESI Test Dates 

All the Prometric testing centers operate between 7.00 am and 5.00 pm from Monday to Sunday. There are times when site closings can limit available times and dates. When testing remotely, the proctors are always available on a 24-hour basis all week round. 

There is always a limit on the test dates for doing the exams on the school campus. Hence, the candidates should always check with their respective schools for the available times and dates. 

HESI Testing Centers

There are three different options on where you can take the HESI exam. The candidates can take the HESI test at the following places:

  • Postsecondary institution
  • Prometric testing site
  • At home through ProProctor

Before you register for the HESI test, ensure you contact the program administration to confirm if the test takers’ information and the registration procedure are up to date. 

Postsecondary Institutions

All the test takers doing the HESI exam through the postsecondary institute must sign up for an Evolve account. 

They will also have to contact their prospective school for department ID and a set of instructions on testing eligibility testing. All the test-takers will receive their eligibility ID through email to enable them to create their Evolve account. 

After that, they will sign up to do the test through the Elsevier portal. All the candidates will click on the ‘I am a student’ and then ‘Register for distance Testing.’ 

They will then click on the blue button ‘Register’ and ‘Check Out.’ Test takers can make payments for their HESI Exam through their respective Evolve accounts. They can also make payments on the campus or through the school’s website for successful HESI exam registration. 

Prometric Testing Site

Test takers who want to register at the Prometric test center will have to contact their prospective school for instructions on applying for eligibility status and their department ID. 

Elsevier will email every test taker their eligibility ID. They will, after that, have to create Evolve account. 

The candidates will use their respective Evolve account to access their test results, request remediation, view reports, and make test payments. 

The test takers will complete their registration by visiting the Elsevier website. You will click on the ‘I am a Student’ and ‘Register for Remediation and Results.’  They will then click on the blue button with ‘Register’ and then ‘Check Out.’

Proctored Testing at Home

Before registering for the proctored exam testing at home, you must have all the equipment for virtual remote testing. 

Candidates will need a desktop computer or laptop with a  web camera and microphone. The testing location should be indoors and should have a good internet connection. 

Prometrics’ website always has a system readiness check that will test the network compatibility and computer. 

All the candidates must obtain an eligibility number from Elsevier to register for virtual remote testing. They will also have to contact their prospective school for instructions on applying for eligibility status and department ID number. 

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