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Hesi Admission Assessment – Review

HESI Entrance Exam

Becoming a qualified nursing professional requires achieving excellent Hesi admission assessment test grades. The exam evaluates your preparedness to enroll in a nursing course. This article provides a user-friendly review guide on the subjects tested, including; math, physics, Grammar, and all other vital topics you must know.

Adequate preparation is mandatory to pass your Hesi admission assessment exam. In addition, you must have appropriate study guides to support your preparation efforts. An easy preparatory tool to help you achieve a guaranteed A grade in your Hesi admission assessment is Naxlex. Get the desired rate without sweat; try Naxlex.

Hesi Admission Assessment Review for All Subjects

The Hesi assessment questions are extracted from eight sub-areas useful in healthcare. A detailed review of each examinable subject is discussed below to help you understand the critical content you must learn before taking the Hesi assessment exam.

The following are the significant subjects reviewed in the Hesi assessment test;

Hesi Admission Assessment Content Review for Math Math is widely applied in all professions, including nursing. In the nursing field, the skills acquired in math help nurses provide dosage prescriptions, interpret medical charts etc.

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There are fifty questions in the Hesi admission assessment to test your knowledge in math. The questions review your skills related to; ratios, whole numbers, decimals, percentages, etc.

1. Hesi Assessment Content Review for Anatomy

The study of the internal structures of the body is vital in curative medicine. To provide standard healthcare, you must understand the inner working of the body. You will be tested on thirty questions evaluating your skills in anatomy and physiology. Areas examined include: body structure & organs, histology, and others. 

2. Hesi Assessment Content Review for Biology

Biology explores the knowledge regarding living things. Nurses must be able to relate to human beings and other living organisms to offer appropriate nursing care. The biology content piece evaluates twenty-five items. Some areas you need to study are; DNA, cellular metabolism, fluids, and others.

3. Hesi Assessment Content Review for Chemistry

Treating patients and offering appropriate healthcare services requires the use of medicinal products. Drugs and other medical supplies given to patients may react differently in the body. Nurses must be conversant with the reactions of the medicines in the human body to provide superior nursing care.

The Hesi admission assessment evaluates your chemistry skills in the following areas; chemical reactions, atomic molecules, units’ measurements, acids, bases, and the periodic table, among other chemistry topics. Reviewing these topics before the Hesi admission assessment exam is advisable.

5. Hesi Assessment Content Review for Grammar

Grammar is the building block for effective communication among nurses, patients, workmates and other nursing stakeholders. Providing the utmost nursing care requires nurses to communicate effectively. The grammar part of the Hesi admission assessment evaluates fifty questions.

The grammar questions evaluate your skills in the following aspects; analyzing the structure of a sentence, using the correct verbs & tenses, sentence punctuations, and parts of a speech, among others. To respond to each question appropriately, you must review the examinable pieces before the Hesi assessment test.

6. Hesi Assessment Content Review for Reading

The ability to read written materials is an integral part of the nursing profession. Doctors and other healthcare professionals communicate through written materials from time to time. Nurses must be able to read and understand any written material for appropriate nursing care.

Hesi assessment exam evaluates the following significant concepts: analyzing the central idea in a passage, identifying facts and opinions from a written resource, expressing the meaning of words, and making inferences and conclusions. 

7. Hesi Content Review for Vocabulary

The use of Vocabulary is essential in the nursing profession. Nurses use different vocabularies to communicate with others, including patients. The Vocabulary examines fifty questions which are tested within fifty minutes. Key areas tested include origins of words, suffixes & prefixes, and various terms used in the medical field.

8. Hesi Content Review for Physics

The knowledge acquired from physics is widely used in medical imaging services. Nurses should be able to interpret basic X-ray images and other imaging materials. This section evaluates twenty-five questions covering; light, kinetic energy, electricity, and mass, among other physics concepts. Review the topics keenly before the exam.

9. Hesi Content Review for Learning and Personality

Although learning styles and personality profiles are not mandatory Hesi assessment subjects, some colleges may ask students to take the two pieces to examine the student’s personality type and learning style. The learning style comprises fourteen questions, while the personality profile evaluates fifteen.

The personality assessment will help detect your personality type, such as; introvert, extrovert, feeler, and sensor, among others.

How to Study for Hesi Admission Assessment Review?

Passing your Hesi assessment requires sufficient preparation. For excellence, you must review all the examinable subjects and use top study guides in your exam preparation. The best user-reviewed materials you can use in your study include the following:

1. Hesi Assessment Practice Test

A Hesi admission assessment practice test is an effective study tool that can yield tremendous results in your Hesi exam. One of the best Hesi assessment practice tests you can use is Naxlex. It provides practice questions mirroring the main exam. Naxlex guarantees you a 90 % pass on your first attempt.

2. Hesi Assessment Guide Books

Several Hesi assessment guidebooks are available online and in physical shops. You can order Hesi admission assessment reviewed guide books from online shops like Amazon and eBay, among others. Additionally, guidebooks can also be bought from local bookstores. 


Joining a nursing school requires applicants to complete their Hesi admission assessment exam successfully. You must prepare using the best study materials to pass the exam on your first attempt. Studying all the subjects reviewed in this article will give you adequate skills to take the exam confidently.

A good resource that can support your preparation effort is the Naxlex. The preparation tool provides practice questions similar to the actual exam. With, Naxlex, you’re guaranteed of grade A in your first trial. Sign-up now.

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