tips to ace teas on the exam day
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Tips to Ace Teas on the Exam Day

tips to ace teas on the exam day

It is now TEAS test day after weeks of preparation. No candidate will want to blow their weeks of dedication and sacrifice on the test day. Imagine all the time you have been studying and the several TEAS practice test you did just preparing for the exam. You will want to make the best out of your test day. Here will take you through essential tips to ace Teas on the exam day. 

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Warm Up for the TEAS Testing Experience 


Before you start your TEAS test, you must do a TEAS warm-up. The warm-up will help prepare your brain for the task ahead. Only take practice materials to the testing center. Instead, you can do easy follow-up practice questions at work or home before you leave for the test. 

Never Let Nerves Derail You 

There are several reasons why you should be confident. You have been preparing for the TEAS test for the last six weeks. If you find yourself losing focus or getting nervous, rest on your chair and place your feet on the floor. Take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes and try focusing on something other than the test booklet or computer screen for a few seconds. Reflect on your preparation and trust that you are ready for the exam. Re-engage with the test after a few seconds. 

Keep Moving 

Never stick to one question trying to solve it if it seems more challenging. You can always proceed to the next question and return to it later. Make it a habit of skipping questions that threaten to slow you down to steal your time from the other TEAS test questions. You will not receive any penalty for missing a question or a wrong answer. Ensure you solve every question before your time elapses, even if you have to guess some. 

Never Assess Yourself during the TEAS Test Period 

While answering the TEAS test questions, do not stop and think about how you feel you are performing. Taking a TEAS test will hardly bring a good feeling. Your impressions of how you are performing are not necessary. Instead of thinking about how you are performing, remind yourself you did have enough preparation, and you will succeed. 

On the test day, arrive 15 minutes earlier to have enough time to verify your identity and other requirements. The proctors will monitor you during the entire exam period and always intervene whenever they notice any disruptive behavior. 

Items To Bring To the TEAS Testing Site 

Ensure you bring the following items to the testing center:

  • Government-issued Identity card bearing your photo, signature, and permanent address. Examples are military ID, driver’s license, passport, or state ID. Credit cards and student IDs are not acceptable. 
  • Bring two pencils with erasers 
  • The ATI assessment ID from the confirmation email 
  • If the test is online, you must know your ATI account username and password to log in. 

The testing site will always have particular instructions about the test day. Ensure you take your time and read through the instructions carefully, and follow them to ensure you get admission when you show up for the test. 

Items Not to Bring to the Testing Site 

  • You should not carry electronic devices which are internet enabled. Refrain from bringing a calculator since you will always get one at the testing center. 
  • Do not carry clothing and accessories such as sunglasses, hats, or jackets. 
  • Do not carry any food or beverages 
  • Do not bring personal items like a backpack, purse, or bag of any kind 

Items TEST Proctor Will Provide 

TEAS test proctor will provide you with the following at the TEAS test site on exam day:

  • A four-function calculator for those taking the pen and paper version of the test, while those doing the test online will have a calculator on the screen. 
  • Scratch paper which you will return to the exam proctor at the end of the test. 

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