Topics To Review for PN Maternal Newborn ATI Exam
Naxlex Blog LPN Exam,Nursing What are the Topics to Review for PN Maternal Newborn in Nursing ATI Exam?

What are the Topics to Review for PN Maternal Newborn in Nursing ATI Exam?

Topics To Review for PN Maternal Newborn ATI Exam

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Maternal Newborn Nursing Certification

The Maternal Newborn Nursing certification is for nurses caring for families during childbirth’s early stages in healthcare settings. It demonstrates your expertise in assessing and managing mothers’ and newborns’ needs, validating your specialized knowledge in postpartum care and handling complications.

What you will Find PN Maternal Newborn in Nursing ATI Exam

The Maternal Newborn Nursing ATI exam has 175 multiple-choice questions, with 25 unscored pretest questions, within a 3-hour time limit. It’s divided into five content areas:

  1. Pregnancy, Birth Risk Factors, and Complications (7%): Covers antenatal and intrapartum factors.
  2. Maternal Postpartum Assessment, Management, and (26%): Includes physiological changes, nursing care, lactation, and psychosocial issues.
  3. Newborn Assessment and Management (19%): Covers the transition to extrauterine life, physical assessment, newborn care, and family education.
  4. Maternal Postpartum Complications (24%): Includes hematologic, cardiovascular, infection-related, diabetes, and mood disorder questions.
  5. Newborn Complications (24%): Covers cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, gastrointestinal, hematologic, infectious, and genetic conditions.

What Naxlex Offers:

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How to Register for PN Maternal Newborn in Nursing ATI Exam:

Create an online account at ATI and submit your application for the PN maternal newborn in nursing ATI exam. The application fee is $60. Once approved, you’ll receive an eligibility letter to register and schedule the exam date.

How to Conduct Yourself on an Exam Date:

Arrive at the testing center 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Failure to do so may cancel your exam without fee refund.

Present an eligibility letter and two valid forms of identification, one with a government-issued photo and one with your name and signature.

Store personal belongings in a secure locker outside the testing area before the exam.

If taking the remote exam, remove electronics, books, notes, and recording devices from your testing area. Ensure no one enters or leaves the room during your exam to avoid cancellation. Log in, follow instructions, and start your exam. For more tips: Helpful Tips to Study Smarter For TEAS Test 


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