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Helpful Tips to Study Smarter For TEAS Test 


You may find studying challenging, even if you’re studying a subject you’re passionate about. It isn’t very easy when you realize you don’t understand the material or have multiple assignments due at once. While it may be tempting to procrastinate or stay up late to finish everything, there are more effective solutions to study. General study advice like “be organized” isn’t always helpful, as it’s unclear what being organized means or how to achieve it. We take a look at how to study smarter for TEAS. 

Avoid setting unrealistic goals like studying over 40 hours a week, which can be taxing and discouraging if you don’t achieve. Be kind to yourself, set realistic learning goals, and study for TEAS Exam using Naxlex practice tests. These Naxlex practice tests have been used by millions of nurses who made it to nursing institutions.

The best thing about these TEAS practice questions is that they have vivid imagery, are well-researched, and explain answers that help you grasp concepts quickly. Naxlex also offers free practice questions to review before purchasing. Don’t struggle to pass TEAS. Naxlex!

Here are the tricks of studying smarter for the ATI TEAS 7 test

How to study smarter for TEAS Exam 

Studying smarter means studying to improve your ability to take exams and memorize what you’ve learned. 

Don’t Skip Studying with TEAS Practice Tests

Practice tests are a valuable resource for preparing for the TEAS test. Various free practice tests are available online, with study guidebooks and online courses offering practice tests for purchase. One such website is Naxlex, which provides timed tests that offer customized feedback based on individual performance and recommendations for areas that need improvement.

It is essential to choose a practice test that accurately reflects the format and difficulty level of the actual test. Check out TakeMyClassPro.

Use TEAS Flashcards

Flashcards are a valuable tool for studying because they encourage active recall in the brain. This will help you recall the meaning of a term after seeing it on a flashcard by strengthening your memory of it over time. Studying through TEAS flashcards helps to transfer information from short-term memory to long-term memory. 

Additionally, spaced repetition, which involves reviewing more challenging flashcards more frequently and setting aside those that have been learned, can further enhance the effectiveness of flashcards as a memorization technique. A study showed the use of flashcards helps in higher performance during exams. Most students use flashcards but need to use them more effectively. Here are things to avoid when using TEAS flashcards 

  • Don’t memorize the exact words written on TEAS flashcards; try to define the terms using your own words.
  • Flashcards are only an effective study method in some subjects; use them for fact-based content and definitions. 
  • Create the flashcards early; don’t rush the night before the exam. 

Youtube Video

YouTube is an excellent resource for TEAS test preparation. It offers a wide range of channels that focus on TEAS-related subject areas such as math or science, and they are all free. Visual learners can significantly benefit from watching videos like the ones linked here, which provide helpful insights and tips for exam preparation.


There are many ways to help you study for the TEAS exam smartly. But the most effective way to go through all the topics without breaking your neck is Naxlex practice tests.

The Naxlex test bank has over 1000+ questions covering all four subjects. Study smart today using the Naxlex TEAS test study guide and learn even the most challenging topics. Don’t worry about spending your money on this ATI TEAS exam prep course Naxlex offers you a 100% money-back guarantee if you use their practice test and fail the actual exam. Try Naxlex today and pass your TEAS with the first trial!


How do I get a high score on ATI TEAS science?

To prepare for the ATI TEAS science section, prioritizing studying the high-value concepts with most questions, like Anatomy and Physiology, is recommended. This approach will increase the chances of success on the test. Although you need to focus on Anatomy and Physiology as a priority in your study plan, you should also study the other equally important parts.

Which is the hardest section of the TEAS test?

The TEAS test is easier than the SAT or ACT, but TEAS sections may be more challenging than others. For example, you may find the reading section harder if you struggle with reading and comprehension. The mathematics section might trip you up if the numbers are different from your favorite. However, many students struggle the most with the science section. The questions focus on physiology and biology, both complex topics. A TEAS practice test can help you identify the gaps in your knowledge and what areas you need to concentrate on.

Which is the best method to study for the TEAS test? 

When preparing for TEAS smartly, it is advised to give priority to studying the high-value concepts that have the most questions, such as Anatomy and Physiology in Science and arithmetic and algebra in math. However, you must study all parts featured test since they’re equally important. Although the TEAS has a vast bank of concepts that can be tested, focusing on mastering the high-value concepts can provide an advantage over other TEAS test takers. This will give a higher chance of scoring well on the exam.

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