what happens if you dont pass hesi entranceexam
Naxlex Blog TEAS Practice Test What Happens If You Don’t Pass The HESI Entrance Exam?

What Happens If You Don’t Pass The HESI Entrance Exam?

what happens if you dont pass hesi entranceexam

You can pass or fail your HESI entrance exam. When you pass your exam, good! However, when you fail, it does not have to mean that it is the end of your journey to realizing your dream of becoming a nurse. HESI offers you a chance to still fulfill your dream. This article explains what happens if you don’t pass the HESI entrance exam. 

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What Happens If You Don’t Pass The HESI Entrance Exam?

All the HESI candidates who fail their HESI entrance exam on their first attempt will have to take the test again. The good this is they can use reputable study resources to help them prepare for a retake. One of the study resources is the HESI admission assessment exam course. This study material will help guide students through all the materials they will be tested on whenever they are preparing for the HESI entrance retake exam

What Are The HESI Entrance Passing Scores?

The HESI entrance exam does not have a single passing score. Every college or university has the freedom of setting its own HESI passing score for both the HESI entrance and HESI Exit exams. It is advisable that test takers check with their particular intuition first to know what they accept as a passing score and other policies before they give you admission. 

The HESI entrance exam uses a percentage scale scoring system having the highest possible score of 100%. Upon receipt of the score report, test takers will always get a cumulative score together with an individual percentage score for every subtest. 

In most cases, the HESI entrance and HESI exit exams use the same score range, which ranges from 0 to 1,500. The range of the scores varies depending on the exam’s difficulty level. However, according to Elsevier, a score of 850 is always acceptable, although they recommend candidates aim for a score of 900 and above. 

There is never a timeline set for the expiry of the scores. However, there are universities and colleges which will only accept scores that are less than one or two years old. 

Retaking HESI Exam 

When you fail your HESI entrance exam, you will have to plan for the retake exam. Every university and college that uses the HESI entrance exam determines whether or not the candidates should retake the exam again. However, most universities and colleges do not allow several test attempts. Every institution is responsible for determining what type of policies apply whenever they are registering for the HESI Entrance exam retake. 

How Many HESI Exam Retake Attempts Are Allowed?

HESI entrance exam retake has a limited number of attempts individuals are allowed to take the test. There are institutions that break down the year into two phases for admission. Most of them allow up to two HESI exam retake per admission period. 

There are schools that limit the number of retakes any test-taker can take to two or three attempts in total. In such a case, the schools will require the test takers to sign and submit a form that acknowledges the retake policy of the school before they can proceed to have another attempt at the exam. 

How Long Do Students Have to Wait to Retake HESI Exam?

The waiting period for HESI entrance exam retakes for test takers varies from one institution to another. There are nursing schools that will require their students to wait for 30 days in order to do the retake, while others require their test-takers to wait for six months. It is advisable that candidates who want to retake the HESI exam check the policies set by the institution they registered with. It is important that the test-takers prepare well for a retake to ensure they do not fail the retake. 

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