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What Is the English Hesi Exit Exam?

In most cases, a student will always have to choose a language of instruction and take a course in that language. In the case of English, they will have to prepare for the English Hesi Exit Exam. They will have to pass the examination which takes place in the months of May, August, and December. This will help them attain their official certification in the course or program they are undertaking. In this article, we will be answering the question, what is the English Hesi Exit Exam?

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What Is the English Exit Exam

English Exit Examination is also known as the Ministerial Examination of College English. It refers to an examination that is administered by the Ministère d’Enseignement supérieur, Recherche et Science. Students have to successfully complete the examination in order to obtain their college diploma

According to the Ministry of Education, the main goal of the English Exit examination is to ensure students have a sufficient level of competence in writing and reading. This will enable them to understand literacy texts. They will also be in a position to express relevant critical viewpoints using the right English. 

However, there are students who do not understand why they have to sit for this examination. For example, students undertaking hotel management or those in the fashion industry never understand the importance of writing academic essays. 

Important Things You Need to Know About English Hesi Exit Exam 


English Hesi Exit Exam

The English Exit Exam is never as easy as many people tend to think. Students will have four hours to read all three texts and write an essay of around 750 words on any of them. In most cases, there will be one nonfiction text and two short stories.  However, most of the native-speaking students will find this exam a straightforward task. Unfortunately, those who are non-native English speakers will find the exam quite challenging. 

The marking criteria are divided into three different areas. There is comprehension and insight, response organization, and expression. The students will have to score at least a C for all three to get a pass on the examination. 

Most students are however known to find the expression section to be the most difficult. The section comprises proper grammar usage, sentence structure, and vocabulary. To help ensure fairness, both the active and the retired teachers who have passed through the rigorous training and testing period do go blind during marking. 

Tips to Help Ensure Success in the English Hesi Exit Exam 

There are several ways that will help in ensuring a student’s succeeds in their English Hesi Exit Exam. One of the ways students can help immerse themselves into the language is by watching English television, speaking to their peers, and listening to English radio stations and songs. They also need to read different types of materials such as magazines, blogs, books, and short stories written in English and write on a regular basis. 

However, for those students who find all these to be quite tiresome, they can always consider using the internet which is full of resources.  

The questions include multiple-choice questions that have clear answers and explanations. The topics range from subject-verb agreement to punctuation. Teachers will always want the best for their students. That explains why they will always avail additional study materials.

Several colleges do have English language laboratories that offer free additional one-on-one support. All one has to do is ask. 

Writing and reading skills are not just limited to professional writers and teachers. Mass memos, emails, and business proposals are some of the examples where one will benefit from solid knowledge of the language. Most businesses also prefer recruiting individuals who demonstrate effective writing abilities. 

No one will start writing well out of nowhere. However, mastering the language is not like learning the harp. Any student is capable of achieving a high level of skill with the right hard work, persistence, and ambition. 

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