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HESI Biology Practice Test

hesi biology test

The HESI biology practice test is an essential part of the HESI exam. The HESI A2 Biology Test covers some of the basics of biology, including molecules, DNA, photosynthesis, metabolism, and genetics. Nursing schools use the test to determine applicants’ proficiency, knowledge, and ability to undertake their preferred nursing course. To succeed in their professional and academic journeys, aspiring nursing students should demonstrate their proficiency and understanding of various scientific disciplines, including biology.

This article provides information on the HESI biology test and valuable study strategies, tips, and insights to help you achieve your desired goal. However, let’s begin by discovering how Naxlex can help you pass your HESI exam.

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hesi biology practice test
hesi biology practice test

What is the HESI biology practice test?

This test has multiple-choice questions that help examiners assess students’ knowledge of various biology topics. The questions are structured to evaluate the student’s comprehension of different biological concepts. These include genetics, cellular structure and function, ecology, evolution, and human anatomy and physiology.

You should familiarize yourself with various content covered in the test for adequate preparation.

Key content areas include:

Cellular structure and function

The test assesses a student’s understanding of cell components and cellular transport mechanisms. It also assesses their knowledge of the cell membrane structure, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, and cell division.


Questions in this section focus on the DNA structure, the principles of inheritance and replication, and genetic disorders. They also focus on gene expression and regulation and biotechnology.


This section covers questions related to ecology. It covers various topics, including energy flow, ecosystems, population dynamics, ecological conservation, community interactions, and nutrient cycling.


Questions in this section examine a student’s knowledge of natural selection, evidence of evolution, and speciation. It also covers questions regarding the evolutionary process’ impact on biodiversity.

Human Anatomy and Physiology

This section covers questions regarding the students’ understanding of the functions and structure of human body systems. These include the respiratory, cardiovascular, excretory, digestive, endocrine, and nervous systems.

Preparing for your HESI biology practice test

You should prepare for your online exam by:

Reviewing biology fundamentals

Students should begin by revisiting core biological principles and concepts. They should use reputable online resources, textbooks, and study guides during preparations. These resources will help them reinforce their knowledge of evolution, biology, ecology, genetics, human anatomy, and physiology.

Prepare with practice tests.

Students should familiarize themselves with the HESI biology practice test’s structure and understand how to approach the questions. They should work with practice exams and sample questions to help them get accustomed to the question’s structure. Doing this will make them more confident and improve their time management skills.

Create a good study plan.

Students should develop a well-structured study plan. They should allocate enough study time dedicated to each content area. Students should also figure out the sections they need to study more and prioritize them over units they are good at.

They should identify their weaknesses and strengths and focus more on areas they need to improve. Additionally, the students should break down their study sessions into manageable chunks to avoid information overload.

Use online resources

Students should invest in reputable, trusted online resources like Naxlex and join study groups with other biology enthusiasts or nursing students. Collaborating with other students provides opportunities for clarification and discussion. It also creates a deeper understanding of various challenging concepts they may need help understanding.

Practice time management

Students should practice managing their time appropriately. They should understand that the HESI exam has a time limit and practice answering questions quickly or within the allotted time frame. Doing this helps improve their accuracy and speed during their official exam, creating better chances of success.

Review and analyze correct answers.

Students should review and analyze their answers to determine where they went wrong. HESI practice tests are the best way to achieve this instead of the official exam. Students should understand the reasoning behind each choice and strengthen their knowledge to prevent similar mistakes on the official HESI exam.


Tips for the HESI exam include:

Eating a balanced meal: When taking the HESI exam, you should eat a balanced, nutritious meal before your exam to sustain your energy levels.

Getting sufficient rest: You should also get a good night’s sleep before taking your HESI exam. Doing this improves your cognitive function, memory, and focus.

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