HESI Exit Exam

HESI Exit Exam

HESI Exit Exam

The HESI exit exam is crucial since it is an evaluative tool employed by different nursing programs to ascertain a student’s preparedness for the NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN examination. Meeting specific pass-rate benchmarks mandated by accrediting bodies and regulatory authorities is obligatory for nursing programs. The significance of students excelling in the HESI exit is equally pivotal for individuals and nursing institutions.

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What’s HESI Exit Exam?

The HESI exit exam is commonly administered during a nursing program’s final quarter or semester. It is a comprehensive test designed to resemble the NCLEX exam’s content. The primary aim of the HESI exit exam is to forecast a student’s likelihood of passing the NCLEX. Recent research indicates that the exam is remarkably accurate, with a prediction rate of 96% to 99% for success on the NCLEX (source). Like the NCLEX, the exam is on a computer. However, it differs because it is not a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) like the NCLEX.

What’s on the HESI Exit Exam?

Understanding the HESI Exit Exam’s format is key to succeed in this exam. It’s a computer-based examination with 75–150 questions based on the RN or LPN Exit Exam. These questions prioritize critical thinking over factual recall. You will usually find multiple-choice questions, but others include single and multiple answers, ranking, or blanks and you will also be given a Calculator if there are questions that need calculations. You may also face graph/chart interpretation questions, so stay alert. Adapt to the various question types for exam triumph using Naxlex nursing HESI exit practice tests.

HESI Exit Exam Topics

You need to prepare to pass this exit exam in various areas adequately. Let’s break down which subjects are featured in the exit examination.

Nursing processAssessment, analysis, planning, implementation and evaluation
Client needsSafe environments, integrity, safety control, management of care, primary care & control, health promotion and pharmaceutical & parenteral treatments
specialtiesCritical care, nursing fundamentals, community health, pediatrics, geriatrics, OBGYN, and medical-surgical

Naxlex Nursing offers a comprehensive study guide for the HESI exit exam, reviewing the above topics and subtopics. There are more than 9,000 practice questions and over 200,000 study resources. Additionally, there are live tutoring services and video lessons if you want a tailored service.  

HESI Exit exam score ranges

The exam scores range from 0-950, and the scores are run with your probability of passing NCLEX. Here is a table showing its scores

ScoreProbability of excelling in the NCLEX
More than 950Outstanding probability
900-940Excellent probability
850-899Average probability
800-849Below average probability
750-799Additional prep needed
700-749Serious prep needed
650- 699Danger of failing
Less than 649Poor performance expected

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How to Properly Prepare for the HESI Exit Exam

Is the ATI Predictor Exam Accurate?
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  1. Use Naxlex Nursing HESI Exit Exam Practice Tests

A highly effective approach to exam success involves thorough practice using Naxlex nursing study materials, primarily since your test might encompass unfamiliar questions from your nursing studies. You can take practice tests after studying to gauge how far you’ve understood a topic.

These practice tests help you to know the exam format and how to answer questions. Most Past students suggest using HESI nursing case studies and practice assessments from Naxlex nursing since they used them and passed with more than 850score.

  1. Buy Study Guides and Electronic Flashcards

You can purchase study materials from Naxlex Nursing or any other reputable site. Paperback versions of comprehensive HESI reviews and textbooks with online access codes are accessible. Moreover, as the HESI Exit Exam prepares you for NCLEX exams, studying from those review books aids your preparation. Another option is purchasing our flashcards to enhance your study process and memorize the hardest definitions.

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Take Advantage of Study Groups

Forming a study group can enhance your chances of success in the HESI Exit Exam and collaboratively, you and your group can utilize program-provided texts and study resources. Engaging in group discussions to dissect practice exam responses can foster comprehension of the subjects to be assessed.


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