how often can i take teas
Naxlex Blog TEAS Practice Test How Often Can I Take the Teas?

How Often Can I Take the Teas?

how often can i take teas

The teas exam is a paramount undertaking for many nursing school applicants. The test assesses your aptness to join a health program. If you fail the test, you can retake the exam three times a year with an interval of 14 days from the previous attempt for ATI teas. Nonetheless, the number of trials often varies from school to school; thus, verifying the retake frequency with the college you want to apply is crucial.

While it’s possible to retake the teas exam severally depending on the level of your academic preparedness, it’s also doable to pass the exam on your first attempt. One unique resource that can help you achieve a 90% score on the first attempt is the Naxlex test prep. The test offers questions that predict the exam at a 99% accuracy. To pass your teas in the first trial, join Naxlex now .

Where to Take Teas Exam

You have several venue-based options to consider when retaking your teas. However, it’s vital to understand that many schools have a requirement to take the exam on their campus. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm with the school you wish to apply to
before your teas exam registration.

There are three places you can take your teas as often as required, including; Retake teas at ATI; taking the exam at ATI can be done online. The test can be conducted in the comfort of your home or any other convenient place. You can register for the exam through ATI’s official website. Retake teas at the Institution; retaking the exam under this option can occur in various choices, including; online, at school, or at home. Register for the exam through the school’s portal or ATI’s official site. Confirming with the school to affirm their admission demands before registering for the exam is essential.

Retake teas at PSI; the test is conducted individually at a PSI testing venue. Several PSI test venues distributed across the US accept in-person tests. You can register for the exam via the ATI website.

How Often Can I Take the Teas

How Often Can TEAS Be Retaken?

You have three attempts per year to take the exam. However, the exam retake requirements vary from school to school. It can go up to 30 days for several schools before retaking the exam. The teas evaluated at ATI have a mandatory waiting period of 14 days before the next attempt. 

Preparing for Your Teas Retake

If you fail your teas exam, taking the test preparation seriously is essential. Proper preparation can help you achieve more outstanding scores, thus saving time and money while allowing you to join a nursing program. The following tips can help you stay organized for the teas retake.

Understand the Teas Content

For successful teas preparation, you must know the content you’ll be evaluated on. The teas exam evaluates four key areas: reading, science, math, and English. You can use the previous test scores to identify the areas you faced challenges.  Each of the examinable content areas may have a unique degree of difficulty. It’s, therefore, crucial to focus sufficient time on the complex topics and concepts for you.

Put adequate time for study ahead of the exam date. The recommended period is six weeks before the test day. You must distribute your study time within the four content areas to ensure each section is covered because you cannot retake a portion of the teas exam. To issue an overall score, schools evaluate the four quarters and a reason why each part is necessary for your final score. So, put the effort in all the areas.

Manage the Time Well

The teas exam provides a limited time of 209 minutes for the whole exam. The time is shared evenly in the four content areas. Managing time effectively is crucial because you have an average of a minute to respond to each question. Refrain from wasting
unnecessary time on a question even if you don’t know the correct answer.  Scan through the test, answering the questions, you are sure. You can revisit unanswered questions; aim to respond to all queries, as there is no penalty for wrong answers.

Purchase Practice Teas Tests for Your Retake

Practice tests are potent resources that can help you prepare for the exam confidently. The test may provide practice questions that mimic the exam. The practice tests can give you the knowledge and skills you need to score an excellent grade.  Naxlex test prep is one practice test that can give you a 90% win in your exam retake.

Final Thoughts

The teas exam is a requisite requirement for admission to many nursing and healthcare schools in the US. The exam can be difficult if you’re not prepared. If you fail the test, you can exam retake it as often as you’re prepared, up to three times a year. 
However, it’s possible to pass the exam in the first attempt. Naxlex gives you a guaranteed pass with an exceptional 90% score. To prepare for the exam and excel on the first attempt, try Naxlex and see the difference.

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