Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a standard admission test nursing schools use to evaluate candidates before admission. ATI developed TEAS to help predict if a student will cope and succeed in nursing school. TEAS test assesses skills in math, reading, science, and English. Any student who wants to be admitted to a nursing school must first perform well in the TEAS exam . This article provides you with a complete overview of the TEAS exam.

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This article covers some of the frequently asked questions TEAS test takers need to be aware of.

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How Many Questions Does a TEAS Exam Have ?

There are four different subjects totaling 170 questions in a TEAS exam. The four subjects are in 4 sections, each with various questions.

The math section comprises 36 questions; science has 53 questions, reading 53 questions, and English and language usage 28 questions.

How long is the TEAS Exam ?

Despite the total time being 209 minutes, test takers will always have a 10-minute break after the Math section. The math section comes second after the reading section. However, the 10 minutes are not part of the 209 minutes.

You should use the 10-minute break to visit the bathroom since you cannot leave the exam room when the exam is in progress. You must seek permission when you want to leave the exam room for any other reason. The time you take going for an optional break will be from the test time.

Every section has a time limit. The math section has 57 minutes, the science section is 60 minutes, the reading section is 55 minutes, and the English and Usage section is 37 minutes.

Registration of the TEAS Test

The TEAS test takers need to verify the TEAS registration procedure with the nursing school to which they intend to get admission. The TEAS test is issued at multiple websites, community colleges, nursing schools, and testing centers.

You can do the TEAS test via pen and paper or online. Before taking the TEAS test, you must create an account at the ATI website. The information you provide when signing up at the ATI website will be needed before you start doing the TEAS test.

How Many Times Can One Attempt TEAS Test?

The number of times you can attempt the TEAS test depends on the nursing school or program providing the exam. In most cases, test takers can attempt the exam thrice a year.

However, the different nursing schools have varying rules. Every school will have its requirements on how many times you can attempt the TEAS exam in a year. There are also varying periods test takers have to wait before they do another test.

Before you take the TEAS test, you must know the school's requirements for TEAST test retakes.

Can I Use My Calculator During the TEAS Test?

You cannot use your calculator during the TEAS test. The proctor will issue you a calculator when taking the TEAS test using pen and paper. The calculator will be on your computer screen when taking the TEAS online test. The proctor will only issue you with a simple four-function calculator.

TEAS Test Grading

TEAS exam uses an equating grading system, meaning some TEAS questions will score you more points than others. However, the exam taker must learn which questions have more points.

The TEAS scores will be available immediately after you complete the online test. The scores will be available after 48 hours for those using pen and paper. The exam taker's result slip will contain the adjusted composite score. It is the correct question number divided by the total question number. The score is always adjusted due to the difficulty of the specific test issued. The composite score is similar to the national mean or the program mean. National mean is the average composite score for all the students who sat for the same version of TEAS test. Program mean refers to the average composite score for all candidates who took the same test version under the same program.

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