Passing the HESI exam is an essential requirement for many applicants desiring to enroll in a nursing program. The exam evaluates the student’s suitability to pursue a nursing or healthcare-related course. Several materials can help you prepare for the exam, but an excellent product for use is the Hesi practice test.

Hesi practice test gives you a feel of the leading exam before the assessment day. Questions explored in the practice test reflect what you will likely be tested for in the exam. If you want to use a product that predicts the HESI exam at 99% accuracy, use Naxlex, and you will easily score 90% or above in your first trial. Signup now

What Kind of Questions Are on the HESI?

The Hesi exam constitutes eight items you must prepare for to achieve the grades nursing schools require. Hesi practice test provides relevant questions to prepare you for the test. The questions are distributed within the following sub-areas;

The entire Hesi exam comprises 297 questions examined within 4.5 hours. Each section is allotted a certain number of questions and time in which the questions must be completed;

  • Basic math constitutes 50 questions in 50 minutes
  • Reading comprehension takes 47 items within 60 minutes
  • Vocabulary comprises 50 questions in 50 minutes
  • Grammar is 50 items with a time allocation of 50 minutes
  • Biology is allotted 25 questions in 25 minutes
  • Chemistry comprises 25 questions evaluated in 25 minutes
  • Anatomy and physiology consists of 25 pieces tested in 25 minutes
  • Physics contains 25 quizzes in 25 minutes

A good Hesi practice test will equip you with the appropriate knowledge and skills to handle all the Hesi questions within the allotted time. The questions have multiple choices, except for some math problems, which require you to fill in some blank spaces with the correct responses.

HESI Practice Test

Hesi exam can be taken up to three times a year. If you fail in the three attempts, you must have your retake in the following year. A reason why preparing for your Hesi exam is highly recommended. A quality Hesi practice test like Naxlex can help you pass the Hesi exam on your first attempt.

How Do I Practice the HESI Test?

Practicing for the Hesi exam requires applicants to apply several techniques to achieve an excellent performance outcome. Like any other exam, practice requires a good plan, effort and access to suitable study materials. The following eight tips and resources can help you practice for the Hesi test appropriately;

1. Have a Practice Plan for Hesi Test

A good plan is the epitome of successful practice for the Hesi test. You must have a well-organized study. Each day you must ensure all the topics covered are well stipulated in your study logbook. Create an appropriate calendar and timetable to guide your Hesi practice efforts.

2. Practice Hesi Test Repeatedly

Repetition is an excellent practice method to help you grasp essential concepts evaluated in the Hesi test. When you study a subject or topic repeatedly, you increase your chance of capturing the content.

You can practice the Hesi test repeatedly by organizing your timetable repetitively. For instance, you can practice math every Monday, chemistry every Tuesday and so on. Ensure you manage your study plan according to your schedule.

3. Use Hesi Practice Test for All Subjects

Hesi practice tests are crucial learning resources for practicing before the Hesi exam. The practice questions help you practice questions that might appear in the exam. Besides, the practice questions can guide you on your weak areas, thus allowing you to refocus your learning areas. The marks you get can also indicate what to get in the exam.

The Naxlex Hesi practice test is a resourceful practice material to score excellent marks in your Hesi exam. The material promises a 90% pass or higher on your Hesi’s first attempt. To pass the exam seamlessly, head to the Naxlex page and Signup

4. Use the Best Hesi Practice Test Materials

Many Hesi practice materials in the market may produce different results. Some practice materials, like YouTube, can be accessed for free. Besides the free resources, other paid products are more effective.

Some paid resources include; online courses, practice tests, study guides, printed books, etc. Achieve the best Hesi performance by investing in suitable practice material like the one provided by Naxlex.

5. Practice with Hesi Online Courses

Online courses have become very common among applicants preparing for the Hesi exam. They provide more comprehensive content than many books. Online courses can be accessed through various forms, such as; lessons, quizzes and Hesi practice tests.

6. Practice Hesi Using YouTube

YouTube contains millions of helpful content in virtually all disciplines enabling you to get top Hesi practice materials freely. It’s easy to identify the best materials on YouTube. The number of subscribers and reviews can be a good indicator of the best materials.

7. Practice Hesi Test with Study Guides

Printed study guides have been widely used in practicing Hesi exams. The materials can be purchased from local bookshops or online bookstores.

8. Practice Hesi Test Using Facebook Groups

Facebook, as a social community, brings millions of people together. There are many online Facebook groups focused on Hesi preparation. Joining some groups can give you an excellent platform to practice for the Hesi test. Participants of the groups can share great tips regarding your Hesi preparation.

What if you Fail?

Hesi exam has two outcomes; pass or fail. If you pass the exam, it will be good progress toward your admission goals. Conversely, it can be heartbreaking if you fail.

Free HESI Practice Test

Since failing the exam is a possible outcome, you don’t need to panic. You can sit for the exam three times a year. But why fail the exam when you can pass it on your first attempt? Use Naxlex, and score 90% on your exam.

Several materials can be used for HESI exam preparation. The greatest of them all is the Hesi practice test. The Hesi practice test gives you a 90% win on your first attempt; Join Naxlex.

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