TEAS acts as a standardized assessment tool that nursing schools use to gauge the potential nursing students before giving them admission. If you are planning to excel in your TEAS test, it is important that you get everything right. You need to be aware of the exam dates and registration procedure early enough.

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gate exam dates and times

TEAS Test Dates

All the prospective nursing students who intend to sit for the TEAS exam have their choice of testing dates. However, it is advisable that the aspiring students contact the university, college or testing center where they intend to sit for the exam for the exact TEAS test dates that is available to them.

The candidates should also be aware of the admission deadline at the university or college they want to attend. Majority of the institutions do have a tight deadline as the dates are always dependent on the program start dates. For example, when a candidate intends to get admission to a program starting fall semester, the deadline will be on the previous spring semester. However, if they intend to start their program in spring semester, deadlines are during the fall semester.

Most of the colleges and universities will require a valid TEAS score which is within one year of application for admission to the nursing program. The candidates are also limited on the number of times they can do the test.

TEAS test is normally held on a continuous basis all year round. However, the specific dates depend on the testing center where you will be taking the exam.

Register for TEAS Test

To successfully register for the TEST exam date and center, you first have to register for the test at the official ATI website. All the upcoming testing appointments are on the ATI website. When you choose your state or city, a list of all the testing centers together with the TEAS test dates will be revealed. In case none of the centers or dates is convenient to you, you can get the convenient dates in other nearby cities. When you are through with the registration process, you will receive email from the ATI.

You need to be careful with the Test dates you select since once you make the reservations, you cannot cancel or reschedule it.

Right Time to Take TEAS Test

It is advisable students should take their TEAS test early especially during their freshman year of college. You need to prepare well for the exams. ATI recommends you have a 6 weeks preparation plan. One common mistake candidates make is not having enough time to prepare for the TEAS test. For example, if you are to start the health program or nursing course in the fall, it is advisable you pass the test at least one semester in advance.

When you register late for the TEAS test, you risk missing the deadline which will prevent you from enlisting in the program forcing you to wait until the next semester. Avoid regret by scheduling the TEAS test at least 2 months in advance.

The Online Proctored TEAS Exam

The remote TEAS test will require a number of secure exam settings such as screen recording, audio and video to ensure exam integrity.

Here are the things you will need for Remote Test

  • Have an account with ATI website
  • Personal Computer or laptop .
  • Microphone
  • Install Google Chrome
  • Current National ID photo
  • Well it space
  • Webcam: 320×240 VGA resolution

Resources for TEAS Test Preparation

There are several resources you can use to help you prepare for the TEAS test. On our website, we have the TEAS practice test that comes with thousands of TEAS practice test questions for all the four sections.Our practice test will help you familiarize yourself with the general format and tone of the exam.

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