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How Long Is the TEAS Test Valid?

The ATI TEAS test is required for all aspiring nursing students who want to join a nursing school. However, every nursing school has different needs regarding TEAS certification validity. How long the TEAS test remains valid remains to be solved for most students. 

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How Long Is The TEAS Test Valid?

how long is the teas test valid

As you know, the TEAS test the student’s reading, Math, science, English, and language usage skills. The test is an additional assessment tool to ascertain the students’ skill level for the nursing education program. 

The validity of the TEAS exam is at the discretion of every nursing school, including the individual requirements and the entry quality. Some health education institutions allow students who wish to join to submit TEAS certificates within one year of the test results. However, other nursing schools or health programs may consider TEAS results for two or more years. 

In most cases, if the current TEAS test value is too long, four years or more, there is a high possibility you will have to retake the TEAS exam. 

TEAS Test Validity Terms 

There are nursing institutions or health program organizations that allow the legitimacy of the TEAS test from the date the candidate sat for the exam. You must always consider the TEAS test validity as it is crucial. Keeping the TEAS test validity in mind will enable you to plan your registration schedule, thereby reducing the risks of having an out of date TEAS test results

How to Determine Schools TEAS Test Validity 

You must constantly research the school’s entry requirements if you intend to gain admission after knowing how long the TEAS score is valid. It will enable you to avoid TEAS test validity errors. 

You can visit the school’s admission office, training management office, or official website to check all those requirements. 

You will also have to consider the average entrance score requirements or the score of a particular section to enable you to prepare adequately for the exam. Every school or program has its minimum requirement depending on the quality of training and the school’s reputation. 

Most universities and colleges are known to limit the number of TEAS tests a student can sit for every year. Some schools allow their students to have the test at least twice a year. Other schools have a higher limitation number of four times a year. 

Registering for TEAS Retake 

If you want to re-register for the TEAS test because you did not meet your school of choice minimum score or your test has expired, you must understand the registration procedure first. 

  • To register, visit the official ATI website. 
  • Click on the registration link. 
  • If you will be taking the test at the PSI center, select it and schedule an appointment for the test. 
  • If you are taking the TEAS test at school or an institution, fill in a separate form after completing the registration process at the ATI website. 

TEAS Practice Test 

The TEAS practice test is a free online test system where many test questions are posted daily to help students prepare for the TEAS test. 

They categorize the TEAS practice test questions according to every level, from easy to most complex. Candidates preparing for the TEAS test can choose the questions to test themselves on as they strive to familiarize themselves with the real test format. The practice test resembles the actual exam in every dimension. There are free online practice tests and paid online practice tests. 

The ATI TEAS Exam Prep Mobile App

This free learning application comprises many practice questions, up to 1500. They update the practice questions regularly. You can access the ATI TEAS exam prep mobile app with a smartphone. 

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