are teas questions the same
Naxlex Blog TEAS Practice Test Are Teas Test Questions The Same Every Time?

Are Teas Test Questions The Same Every Time?

are teas questions the same


Nurses are very important in any healthcare setup. They offer dynamic care to patients leading to their recovery. Any person aspiring to be a nurse will have to work hard to get the accreditation. The first step to becoming a nurse will be to pass the ATI TEAS Examination. Many students must know whether the TEAS test questions are the same every time. 

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This article will explain what is on the TEAS test, the changes in the questions, and the difference between TEAS 6 and TEAS 7 tests. 

What Is On TEAS Test?

As you know, the TEAS test is an entrance exam for nursing students to college. The test helps nursing schools to choose the most competitive students ready to take on the impending challenge. Not all nursing schools require successful completion of TEAS exams. However, it is helpful for students to take the exam as it will make them more competitive applicants. With the increase in applications to join nursing schools, it pays to stand out from the crown. 

The first thing you need to do as a nursing student is to familiarize yourself with the TEAS exam format and content. With this, you will know what to expect during the exams. 

There are four subjects which add up to 170 questions. The subjects are:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English and Language Usage
  • Reading

Mathematics comprises 36 questions on algebra, numbers, and measurement. Science has 53 questions on life sciences, human anatomy, and scientific reasoning. English and language usage has 28 questions on vocabulary and language. The reading section has 53 questions asking students to use different sources to address and solve a question. 

You can take the TEAS test on hard copy or electronically. The type of test you take will depend on what the nursing school stipulates. The questions are set in a multiple-choice format with four different answer options. The questions are to test your basic academic knowledge in 209 minutes. 

Why TEAS Test Questions Keep on Changing

ATI upgrades TEAS exams after every five years. It helps ensure the exam content remains relevant to the evolving nursing standards. The last time TEAS was upgraded was in June 2022.

TEAS 6 to TEAS 7 changes are manageable. The test will remain the same with the same topics and subject areas. There have been changes in the number of questions. The questions have slightly increased.  

What Is The Difference Between TEAS 6 And TEAS 7?

The main difference between TEAS 6 and TEAS 7 is the type and number of questions asked during the exams. The total number remains the same despite a change in the number of questions asked per category. New subcategories have been added to the language and science subjects. In addition, the exams also have multiple-choice questions instead of single-answer questions.

What Are The Changes In The Question Types?

TEAS 6 only asked single answer multiple questions. It is not the case with TEAS 7.

TEAS 7 questions will be beyond single solution multiple choice questions. Likewise, the questions will include numerous select items, hot spot items, supply answer items, and ordered response items. Questions will be marked as wrong or correct. When wrong, no partial credit will be provided.

Below is a description of all the question types:

Multiple-Choice Item Types

The Multiple-Choice Item question types have four options with only one correct answer. The questions include exhibits, texts, graphics, and exhibits.

Alternate Items Type

Alternate Items question type is not a typical single-answer or multiple choice question. There are four types of alternative items type you may encounter in the TEAS exam. They include:

  • Multiple Select Items: You will get a list of four or more options from where more than one option can be right. Furthermore, the questions will always have a note stating, “Select all that apply.” When you choose all the suitable options, the question will be marked as correct, and no partial credit will be awarded.
  • Supply Answer Items: These questions will ask you to fill in the blank or supply the answer to the question without providing you with a set of options. The answer can be in the form of numerical values or text.
  • Hot Spot Items: The questions come with an image with 2 to 5 clickable areas. Students must click on the image area they identify as the correct response.
  • Ordered Response Item: These questions will prompt the students to set a response option in the correct order. The student must drag 4 to 6 responses from one left to an empty box on the right. The answer will be considered correct if they correctly place all the suitable options. When a single option is included, the question will be considered suitable, and no partial credit will be offered. 

Are the TEAS 6 Scores Still Valid?

If you have already sat for the TEAS 6 exam and achieved your desired score, you don’t need to take TEAS 7 test again. However,  it will be advisable to first check with the nursing school where you plan to apply for your nursing course to ascertain that the requirements align with what you have. 

Although TEAS 7 test will be slightly different from TEAS 6 test, there is nothing you need to worry about. Changing the type or number of questions is fine if you study well and adequately understand your syllabus. TEAS 7 exams will challenge your capabilities and help you prepare for the rigorous nursing course. You should take the TEAS exam as a challenge to help prepare you for the nursing profession. Use TEAS practice test questions to increase your chances of scoring high marks in your exams. 

TEAS test is essential for aspiring nursing students. That explains why you should never take your preparations lightly. If you want to pass the TEAS exams on our first attempt, ensure you devote plenty of time and energy to preparing. 

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