Are teas practice test harder than actual exams
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Are Teas Practice Tests Harder Than Actual Exams?

Are teas practice test harder than actual exams

Are Teas Practice Tests Harder Than Actual Exams? Some students claim the teas practice tests are harder than the actual exam. The content sub-sections, reading, math, science, and English may be harder than the teas; however, the difficulty is relative to the student’s preparedness level. Nevertheless, the grades you achieve in your practice test can be a good measure of how well you will perform in the actual exam.

Conversely, the Naxlex teas practice test has been created with a 90% similarity index compared to the actual exam, meaning the difficulty level is the same as the actual test. If you complete all the Naxlex practice tests and score below 80%, you’ll receive a 100% money-back guarantee. The Naxlex test guarantees you a 90% pass in your first trial. Achieve the best score with Naxlexsignup now.

What Is the Hardest Section on The TEAS?

The sections of the teas exam may have varying levels of difficulty. It all depends on the level of your preparedness. The time allocation for the entire exam is 209 minutes. A challenging section will have more time allocated per question. Thus, an essential method of identifying the hardest section is finding the time given to each section on the teas.

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The time allotted for the science section is 60 minutes for 50 items, math 57 minutes for 38 questions, reading 55 minutes for 45 items, and English & language usage allotted 37 minutes for 37 questions. Thus, math is the hardest part of the teas based on the time required to respond to each question. 

However, the level of difficulty varies from student to student. If, in high school, you have had challenges with sciences, it’s likely; you’ll find the science part of the teas hard. But since you must pass the exam for admission, you must devise methods of reading all the examinable content even if you have faced difficulties in those topics before.

Is the TEAS Test Harder Generally?

If you are interested in a nursing program, one of your concerns is whether the teas test is hard. The teas exam is a crucial consideration for admissions to many nursing schools. Scoring good grades is therefore very important for your admission to your school of choice. The level of difficulty depends on your level of readiness. 

The teas practice tests can help you in the overall exam preparation. The exercise tests measure how well you’re prepared compared to an actual exam. Besides, the teas practice tests will indicate your weaker areas, thus helping you devise study methods that can strengthen your skills in those sections before the exam day.

But for adequate preparation, you must know exactly what’s on the teas test. This will assist you in reading the right content in readiness for the teas exam.

What Does the Teas Test Examine?

The teas exam evaluates four critical content areas: math, science, reading, and English & language usage. Each section consists of several sub-sections that examine various skills related to nursing and health science training.

The Math comprises 38 questions borrowed from the following concepts and topics; numbers & algebra and measurements & data. The English section covers 37 questions from the following topics; language awareness, vocabulary use, and standard English conventions.

The science area examines 50 questions borrowed from the following topics; biology, chemistry, scientific reasoning, and human anatomy and physiology. The reading part evaluates your skills through 45 questions from the following concepts; key ideas & concepts, craft & structure, and integration of ideas.

How Should You Study for TEAS Exam?

Since the teas exam can be challenging for many students, it is vital to study following the correct methods. Some learning resources, such as the teas practice test, can simplify hard concepts and give you the confidence to take the exam. 

Ensure you have sufficient time for test preparation before the exam. The recommended timeframe to allow you to grasp the content of the teas is at least six weeks. Get appropriate study guides and review all four key content areas evaluated in
the exam. 

You also need to comprehend the style and format of the teas exam and the content to be evaluated. The four major content areas described earlier in the article are examinable topics. Once you have read the relevant study guides, the teas practice questions can give you a basic idea regarding the exam format. 

The practice questions will give an assessment report at the end of the test. The report details your strengths and weaknesses in various aspects of the teas content pieces. Identify the areas you find hard and put more time into studying for those areas.


Some students claim the teas practice tests are harder than the actual exam. However, the grades you can get can indicate what to expect in the exam. Naxlex test prep, on the other hand, provides practice questions similar to the actual exam with a 90% similarity index. If you want to practice the exam using questions with more excellent similarity scores, Naxlex is the right platform. With Naxlex, you’re guaranteed a 90% score on the exam. Try it Now.

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