how many times can you take the teas
Naxlex Blog TEAS Practice Test How Many Times Can You Take the TEAS?

How Many Times Can You Take the TEAS?

how many times can you take the teas

Besides college transcripts, recommendation letters, qualifying test scores, and history grades, some nursing schools require a passing TEAS score. Nursing schools use the TEAS exam to admit students. The test does not expect students to know about nursing but tests their knowledge of Mathematics, Reading, Science, and English. Knowledge in these areas will increase their chances of success in nursing school. 

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What is the Role of ATI? 

The Assessment Technologies Institute is responsible for creating the TEAS exam. However, individual institutions are responsible for administering, setting the passing scores, and retake policies. 

Many nursing students wonder how many times they can take the TEAS exam. The answer is this continuously varies from one school to another. Before you register the administering the test, check the admission section of the website. With this, they will learn about the institutions passing score and how many times they can take the TEAS exam. 

What Score Do You Need to Pass the TEAS Test?

Every nursing school decides on its TEAS test passing score. It means the passing score varies from one nursing school to another. A passing score in one nursing school can be a failing score in another nursing school. 

Furthermore, some schools break down their requirements by individual test sections. For example, a nursing school can require a passing score of 70% and a minimum of 60% in every subsection. It means regardless of how high a student’s overall score is when they score below 60% in any of the sections. They will not receive admission to nursing school. 

How Many Times Can A Student Retake the TEAS Test?

The Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) will always keep a transcript of the candidate’s previous TEAS scores. Nursing schools will always request these transcripts since they do have their retake policy. Despite the passing scores’ variations, most schools will always allow for at least one retake, while some allow up to three retakes. The variations are on the duration a student has to wait before attempting the test again. Students should never assume. To be sure, they need to check with the particular school requirements. 

The answer to the question “How many times can I retake the TEAST test” will always vary from one school to another. However, most students who fail the TEAS exam three times will have to wait until the next application before retaking the test. 

Some students pass their TEAS test but opt to retake the exam to reach higher scores. Such students will, at times, have to wait for two years to take another test. Students should never take the TEAS test lightly. They must budget, schedule time properly and prepare well for the exams.

Should Students Retake the TEAS Exam?

With all the talks of exceeding the overall and minimum scores per section, it is easy to forget the reality of applying to a nursing school. The application process for admission to a nursing school is always competitive, and candidates need to stand out above the rest. Just because an applicant score above the minimum score does not mean they will get automatic admission to the school or health program of their choice. 

Students need to aim for high scores to compete with other applicants. Sometimes, students can retake the TEAS test just to get higher scores. The strategy depends on a particular school’s TEAS test retake policy. Hence, students should always check with the school they are applying to before considering registering for a retake. 

The TEAS scorecard is an excellent roadmap to help guide students on the sections they are weak. It will enable them to spend more time on the more challenging sections. Students will always receive Focus Review that points to the ATI TEAS study areas for review, accessible on the ATI website. Besides the nursing students going for TEAS retake due to failure of attaining the passing score, some go for retakes with the aim of scoring high. The main goal of students retaking the TEAS exam despite passing is to make their scores more competitive and enable them to compete with other applicants for admission. 

Top Study Resources

Several study materials guide students on how to pass the TEAS test. TEAS test is quite challenging hence, requires adequate preparation. Students must study a lot since the test measures their competence across different subjects. 

There are study materials that will be of great help in making long-term study plans and how to study well and bounce back after failing to attain a passing score. To ensure you prepare well for the exams, it is advisable you spend at least six weeks studying. 

Here are some of the most reliable TEAS test study resources you can always count on:

Study Guides

Candidates should always use the different TEAS study guides and a study plan to allocate time to prepare for all the sections. 

Practice Tests

There are several practice tests students should always attempt as they prepare for the exam. The practice test will help prepare them on how well they can pace themselves during the test since the actual test has time limitations. Practice tests will also enable students to understand the questions they will come across during the exams. 

Focus Review

Students will always receive a focused review after their first TEAS test attempt. The focused review will guide the students on their weak areas and how best they can study them. 

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