HESI Chemistry Practice Test
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HESI A2 Chemistry Practice Test

HESI Chemistry Practice Test

In order to excel in the HESI A2 Chemistry Exam, you should have a solid understanding of numerous chemistry concepts and take a HESI A2 Chemistry Practice Test. The test encompasses several vital topics, such as equilibrium, stoichiometry, atomic structure, scientific notation, biochemistry, and chemical reactions.

Take your HESI A2 chemistry preparation to the next level with HESI Chemistry practice test, a trusted resource that will aid you in mastering the subject. Our reputable materials are specifically designed to help you excel in the HESI A2 chemistry section. Moreover, we also offer hallmark practice tests for other subjects, ensuring you have comprehensive preparation to pass the HESI A2 on your first attempt. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your performance and join a nursing school!

What is the HESI Chemistry Practice Test?

The Naxlex HESI Chemistry Practice Test is a set of chemistry questions to help you study for HESI chemistry.  This practice test is the best way to prepare for chemistry in your HESI A2 exam. Most students find this section challenging; that’s why our tutors have compiled topics that appear in the actual exam.

Although all schools do not use chemistry, some institutions administer it on their HESI A2 exam. This section consists of 30 questions to be completed within a 25-minute. It is crucial to familiarize yourself with these concepts to succeed in the HESI chemistry section.

The questions cover various topics, such as

  • Scientific notation
  • Metric system
  • Atomic structure
  • The periodic table
  • Chemical equations
  • Chemical reactions
  • Stoichiometry
  • Oxidation and reduction
  • Acids and bases
  • Nuclear chemistry
  • Biochemistry

How to Study the HESI A2 Chemistry Practice Test

HESI Chemistry Practice Test

Although you will find many sources advising you on how to study chemistry, these tips are most effective in helping you pass your HESI A2 chemistry test

  • Read and understand standard chemistry formulas. Master the formulas; you may take advantage of Naxlex HESI A2 flashcards. They will help memorize even the most complex formula.
  • Make use of Naxlex HESI chemistry practice tests. The practice will help you familiarize with the exam format. Additionally, use timed practice tests to help you keep time during the actual exam.
  • There are so many youtube videos on HESI A2 chemistry. The advantage of these videos is that they are free and available. If you find a complex concept to understand, ensure you watch these videos.
  • You can also study with your friends. You might need help understanding some topics, but if you study with your peers, it becomes since you can discuss the subject.

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How to Pass HESI A2 Chemistry

  1. Maintaining and adhering to a structured study plan is crucial for adequate preparation. For instance, consider dedicating each day to studying one chapter for three consecutive days before the test. Incorporating rest periods between study sessions to enhance information absorption is essential.
  2. Simulate a testing environment when taking practice exams. While it may differ from your regular classroom experience, practicing under test-like conditions is valuable as it replicates the actual exam environment.
  3. Establish realistic expectations for your grades, and do research for clarification. Carefully read and follow the instructions provided, ensuring accuracy when answering multiple-choice and true/false questions, as they carry more weight and can be challenging if answered incorrectly.
  4. Adequate sleep is vital to maintain clarity and focus. Additionally, avoid hunger or thirst during the exam to prevent distractions.
  5. Allocate sufficient time for each task without overdoing it significantly when solving individual questions. Study with friends or classmates to create a more enjoyable and interactive studying experience.
  6. Before the test, organize your thoughts on paper to facilitate better organization and reduce stress. Avoid extreme emotional reactions based on initial performance, and take breaks to relax and engage in activities like playing games, reading articles, or listening to music.
  7. Review your notes thoroughly after taking breaks to ensure comprehensive knowledge. If you struggle to recall answers, consider using acronyms.
  8. When taking study breaks, close unrelated windows and apps to minimize distractions. It is also advisable to turn off notifications on your devices during this time.

How will Naxlex Help you Pass your HESI A2 Chemistry

For those seeking thorough preparation, Naxlex offers an extensive online HESI Chemistry Practice Test that caters to all your studying requirements. This comprehensive course encompasses a wide range of resources to support your preparation. The HESI Chemistry Practice Test includes:

  • 150 lessons covering relevant topics
  • Over 700 chemistry practice questions
  • Video tutorials for enhanced understanding
  • Online flashcards for chemistry
  • A money-back guarantee.

The Naxlex HESI A2 Prep Course aims to provide the necessary tools to excel in the HESI A2 exam.


Take the lead with Naxlex, your trusted partner in HESI A2 success. Our practice tests, expertly crafted by highly skilled tutors with years of experience, will equip you to conquer the HESI A2. Join the ranks of countless students who have realized their dreams with distinction after passing the HESI A2 exam. With Naxlex by your side, you can confidently pursue your desired future. Take advantage of this opportunity to excel. Start your journey to success today!

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