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Which are the Most Crucial Topics to Study for the HESI A2?


There are no more superior subjects in the HESI exam than others since they are all graded from 0-100%. This means every subject is important because every student is unique and has strong and weak points. But we will display for you the most crucial topics to study for HESI, among them Math, Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry and English Language.

Fortunately, you can pass your HESI A2 within your first trial with the help of Naxlex HESI.

Naxlex brings a cutting-edge practice test to sharpen your skills and propel you toward nursing excellence. Unleash your true potential and attain good grades that will catapult you ahead of other exam takers into the nursing school of your dreams. The HESI practice test from Naxlex is your ultimate companion that will provide invaluable insights and prepare you for nursing success.

What is HESI A2?

HESI, which stands for Health Systems, Inc., offers the HESI A2 as an entrance examination for nursing schools throughout North America. The HESI A2 is a diagnostic and screening tool as part of the application process. With many applicants each year, nursing schools face the challenge of selecting a limited number of candidates for admission. The HESI A2 helps them assess applicants’ qualifications and make informed decisions amidst the increasing number of applications received.

HESI A2 Overview

The HESI exam differs from many other standardized admissions exams in its format. While exams like the SAT or ACT have a standardized test structure with the same questions and time constraints for all test takers, the HESI allows more flexibility for colleges and universities.

The HESI exam has eight main components, and schools can choose which sections they require applicants to take. Applicants may take subtests such as Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Grammar, depending on the program. Some schools may request additional subtests like Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, but the Chemistry and Physics subtests are typically not mandatory but are covered under Naxlex HESI.

Furthermore, schools can establish their time limits for each section of the HESI exam. However, some nursing schools may adhere to the recommended time limits suggested by Elsevier. 

Which are the Most Crucial Topics to study for HESI?

While HESI scores are not the sole criteria for screening nursing school applicants, achieving a good grade is crucial due to the highly competitive nature of these programs. Here are the subjects and most crucial topics to study for HESI A2:

  • Anatomy 25 questions: this section covers body systems and terms related to physiology 
  • Biology 25 questions: you will answer questions related to cells, metabolism, photosynthesis, etc
  • Chemistry 25 questions: you may get questions on the periodic table, chemical equation, atomic structure, etc
  • Grammar 50 questions: In this part, you will cover speech and grammatical errors
  • Math 50 questions: you may get questions from decimals, fractions, proportions, medication dosage calculations, Roman numerals, use of military time, and so on.
  • Reading 47 questions: here, the examiner will test you on your understanding of the written text and healthcare-related words.
  • Physics 25 questions: this covers topics such as thermodynamics and Newton’s Laws of Motion

The HESI exam includes optional sections such as a personality profile (15 questions) and an assessment of the applicant’s learning style (14 questions). The decision to include these sections in the evaluation process is determined by each nursing school individually.

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Preparation to Pass HESI A2 Exam

Scoring well on the HESI A2 exam increase your chances of getting a nursing school program approval, while poor performance can hinder your prospects. Although retaking the exam is often an option, it doesn’t guarantee better results. Retakes involve different test versions, preventing you from reviewing specific questions you previously struggled with. 

Therefore, thorough preparation and study are essential before attempting a retake, which may delay the start of your nursing education. It is advisable to regularly review and study well in advance of the HESI A2 test date to pass the most crucial topics to study for HESI. Here is the best way to prepare for HESI Exam.

  1. Take Naxlex HESI A2 practice test: A HESI practice test a few weeks before the exam helps identify areas that require improvement, allowing you to focus on them and achieve an outstanding score on the HESI A2.
  2. Review the course: The HESI Admission Assessment Exam Course by Naxlex consists of 109 online lessons, providing comprehensive coverage of the HESI A2 nursing exam content for flexible self-paced learning.
  3. Online study materials: There are so many credible study materials online like Naxlex HESI Study Guide. However, before relying on free practice tests, study guides, and other study resources from websites, test-takers should verify the credibility of each website through online research or consultation with their chosen college or university.
  4. Join a study group: Joining a study group or having a study partner can provide accountability, regular study sessions, explanation of challenging concepts, and comprehensive test preparation. If unable to join a group, seeking accountability from someone can help maintain a consistent study schedule.

Wrap Up

Using Naxlex’s HESI A2 practice test can greatly benefit individuals preparing for the exam. The practice test’s comprehensive and interactive nature makes you familiarize yourself with the exam format and identify areas that require further improvement. By using with Naxlex’s practice test, you can enhance your confidence, reduce test anxiety, and increase your chances of achieving successful results on the HESI A2. Prepare effectively with Naxlex and embark on your journey to nursing school with greater assurance and readiness.

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