how much is pediatric nurse salary?
Naxlex Blog TEAS Practice Test How much is Pediatric Nurse Salary?

How much is Pediatric Nurse Salary?

how much is pediatric nurse salary?

Are you dreaming of becoming a nurse? Maybe you’re wondering how much you will earn in pediatric nurse salary. The amount of money you will pocket depends on your education level, location, experience, and role. After completing a nursing program, you may begin as a certified pediatric nurse or further your studies in nursing to become a nurse practitioner.

Nursing is one career that attracts most people because it is rewarding. Although joining the nursing program may be challenging, especially if you haven’t prepared adequately.

Naxlex study guides are one of the most reputable free TEAS 7 practice tests that cover all the subjects. Many students who are enjoying their nursing careers have used these practice tests. So if you want to pass your TEAS with a 90% score, ensure you enroll in the Naxlex practice test and start your TEAS prep using hallmark content.

How Much is Pediatric Nurse Salary in Different States? 

A pediatric nurse salary varies depending on your location’s state. In the US, the average salary of a pediatric nurse is $82,750, according to  Labor Statistics Bureau. Let’s check the top nurses’ state salaries in the US.

Rank StateAverage Pediatric Nurse Salary
4District of Columbia$98,540
8New York$93,320
9New Jersey$89,690
Average salary across states

How to Prepare for the ATI TEAS Test, a Requirement to Join a Nursing School

The first step to admission to a nursing school is passing the TEAS exam. Many schools require you to take the TEAS exam before enrollment. You must know how to pass this exam that stands before you and the school of your dream. Check out TakeMyClassPro.

Let’s check the best ways to prepare for TEAS

  • Use the practice tests: reputable ATI TEAS 7 practice tests are essential in preparing for the test. The TEAS practice tests cover all the important content you need to prepare for the exam. 
  • Take an online course: an online course can also be very helpful during TEAS prep. There are several online courses, but it’s advisable to go through reviews before joining one. 
  • Use TEAS study guide: most students have proven using TEAS study guides as an excellent  TEAS prep method. You can get these online or in PDF printable versions.

What will happen when I Fail the TEAS Test? 

It is not uncommon for students to retake the TEAS test if they do not achieve their desired score, don’t meet the nursing school pass score, or need to strengthen their application to nursing school. Retaking the test gives students more time to study and a better chance of improving their scores. However, it is important to check with the school about any retaking test restrictions, such as waiting periods between attempts.

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 After the first attempt, students receive an official score report, which breaks down their performance in the four test sections. This report helps students identify areas to improve and focus their studying efforts. Ultimately, taking the test again with better preparation can increase the likelihood of acceptance into a nursing program.


Nursing career is growing by 16%, meaning there will be more job openings. This is the best time to join the nursing program and start your nursing career. It is advisable to use Naxlex TEAS 7 practice tests and join thousands of nurses who used it and passed the TEAS with the first trial. Don’t be left out of the study with free TEAS practice questions with well-illustrated answers, and understand each concept without much straining or going through a library of books. 


What is permitted during the TEAS exams?

When taking the TEAS test in person, it is essential to bring a mask; two sharpened pencils, and a government-issued identification card. However, you should check with the testing center about any other items you may be allowed to bring. If taking the TEAS remotely, you should have scrap paper, a pen or pencil, and your government ID. You will also need to ensure that your testing area is tidy, since you may be asked to show it on camera.

Is it advisable to study a day prior to the TEAS test?

It is not necessary, but it is beneficial to concentrate on reviewing and increasing self-confidence. One way to reduce testing anxiety is to write down your notes and remind yourself that you will do well. Engaging in physical activity may help you release stress. You should also ensure enough rest and a good night’s sleep. Practicing what you will do once the exam begins can also be beneficial. For instance, you may decide to write out important formulas on your scrap paper as soon as the exam starts, so it may be helpful to review them beforehand.

What is the TEAS test?

The TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is an exam designed to assess the academic readiness of students applying to nursing school. The test aims to measure student’s knowledge and understanding of academic concepts in these subjects; reading, mathematics, science, and English and language usage. Nursing institutions use this exam as part of the mandatory admission process to determine a student’s preparedness for the rigors of nursing school.

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