Can I Reschedule My Teas Exam?
Naxlex Blog TEAS Practice Test Where Can I Get Free Teas Practice Test 

Where Can I Get Free Teas Practice Test 

Can I Reschedule My Teas Exam?

Free teas practice test questions are important tools and resources to help you prepare for your exam. You can get free teas practice tests online through several websites. However, freebies come with limited functionalities regarding real test preparation.
If you need a free teas practice test, a good place to start is the Naxlex test prep. Naxlex resources can help you study for the ATI teas exam for free. If you want to achieve a grade of 90% on your first attempt, Naxlex will help you do that. Try  Naxlex for Free. Later, you can upgrade your subscription to enjoy premium content and support, including live video tutoring. ‘What Topics Does the TEAS Cover?’

What Topics Does the TEAS Cover?

The free teas practice test will acquaint you with the TEAS exam’s four key topics: math, reading, science, and English. One hundred seventy trial questions are distributed within the four sections, with a total time allocation of 209 minutes. The test measures your preparedness level to join a nursing program. 
Each content area further explores various topics and subjects. The following are the breakdown of each part of the TEAS 7 exam. 

1.The Reading Section

The reading section consists of three sub-sections. Each sub-content exposes the applicant to various aspects of the reading content. This section examines 45 questions that should be answered within 55 minutes. The three sub-sections include; key ideas and details, craft & structure, and integration of ideas and knowledge. 

a) Key Ideas and Details

Fifteen questions from this sub-area will be evaluated. The free teas practice test will expose you to the following examinable topics:

  • Summarizing several paragraphs
  • Drawing inferences from a text
  • Understanding map directions
  • Identifying information from a text
  • Interpreting information from graphics and charts
  • Interpreting occurrences in a text 

b) Craft and structure

This sub-section will test nine questions. The subjects and concepts explored are as follows:

  • Differentiate between truth and opinion
  • Interpreting words and phrases
  • Evaluating the author’s purpose in a text
  • Analyzing the author’s point of view in a text

c) Integration of knowledge and ideas

Fifteen questions will be tested from this sub-section. The concepts analyzed are stipulated below:

  • Using proof from a text to make prediction
  • Comparing themes in more texts
  • Evaluating arguments
  • Integrating information from multiple sources

Besides the above-scored questions, six additional questions are unscored. Free teas practice tests can help prepare for both scored and unscored questions.

2. Math Section

The math sub-section of the teas exam consists of two sub-content areas: Numbers & algebra, as well as measurement and data. Thirty-eight questions are tested from this sub-section and should be answered within 57 minutes. Concepts explored include the following;

a) Numbers and Algebra

Sixteen questions will be tested from this sub-content area.

  • Converting fractions, decimals, and percentages
  • Using rational numbers to do arithmetic operations
  • Solving real problems through statistical methods
  • Solving real problems using percentages
  • Addressing real problems using proportions
  • Resolving real problems via ratios and fractions
  • Answering real issues through equations and expressions

b) Measurement and data

Eighteen questions on the teas test examine this area. The following are
some of the tested subjects;

  • Interpreting graphs, tables, and charts
  • Evaluating data through statistical methods
  • Expounding on the link between variables
  • Calculating geometric datasets

Also examined in the above sub-section are four unscored questions. The unscored questions cannot be identified; thus, you must do your best in every question.

3. Science Section

The science section covers four sub-sections: human anatomy & physiology, biology, chemistry, and scientific reasoning. The science part constitutes 50 questions which must be concluded within 60 minutes.

Where Can I Get Free Teas Practice Test 

In addition, there are six unscored questions. The following are the topics covered in each sub-area.

a) Human anatomy and physiology

The part examines 18 questions from the following topics:

  • Introduction to human anatomy
  • Respiratory structure
  • The heart system
  • Digestive structure
  • The nervous organization
  • Reproduction systems
  • Body immunity
  • Body skeleton, among other internal structures

b) Biology

The biological topics examine nine questions. You must familiarize yourself with the following issues:

  • Description of cell structure and their functions
  • The link between proteins and genetic components
  • Application of Mendel’s law of inheritance
  • Functions of Macromolecules in biological processes
  • The functions of microorganisms in diseases

c) Chemistry

The chemistry sub-section explores the following subjects:

  • Recognition of general atomic system
  • Physical properties and transformation of matter
  • Describing chemical chemicals
  • Demonstrating how circumstances can affect chemical proces
  • Mastery of properties of chemicals
  • Explaining theories of acids and bases

d) Scientific reasoning

This section constitutes nine questions. The topics covered include:

  • Application of general scientific tools and measurements
  • Applying Logic to explain scientific content
  • Predicting links between events and processes
  • Application of scientific methods to analyze scientific investigation

4. English & language usage section

The sub-section consists of 37 questions in 37 minutes’ duration. The concepts explored in this section:

  • Conventions of standard English.
  • Knowledge of the language.
  • Using language and vocabulary to express ideas in writing.

The conventions of the standard English sub-section comprise twelve questions tested from the following areas;

  • Using normal English spelling
  • Using standard pronunciations
  • Using sentence structures correctly

The knowledge of language evaluates eleven questions from the following areas;

  • Using grammar to enhance sentence clarity
  • Checking whether language meets the needs of the audience.
  • Organizing paragraphs correctly

Using language & vocabulary to express concepts in writing. The sub-section has fifteen questions distributed within the following topics:

  • Applying basic skills concerning writing to communicate efficiently.
  • Determining the meaning of words through analysis of word sections

While the above teas concepts and topics might seem wide and challenging to the average student, getting free teas practice tests can be a good move to help you prepare for your upcoming exam.

What Is the Best Site to Study for The TEAS Test?

Naxlex offers the best TEAS test prep materials that guarantee you a 90% score on your exam. The free teas practice test materials offer concise study guides for all the examinable content from the topics discussed in the article.

You can access the teas practice test by opening the  Naxelex website. In addition to the free trial option, Naxlex offers several other premium study materials to ease your test preparation. The questions provide a 99% prediction of the real exam. So, attempting the test will give you the necessary support to achieve greater scores in the teas exam. Sign up for the free test.

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