How to Pass ATI Maternal Newborn Exam
Naxlex Blog TEAS Practice Test How to Pass ATI RN Maternal Newborn Exam?

How to Pass ATI RN Maternal Newborn Exam?

How to Pass ATI Maternal Newborn Exam

How to Pass ATI RN Maternal Newborn Exam? The objective of the maternal newborn exam is to evaluate the competency skills needed to provide appropriate nursing care by registered nurses working in the US and Canada. You must use the correct test preparatory resources to pass the ATI RN maternal newborn exam for successful licensing and registration as a maternal and newborn nurse.

With 2,000 hours of sector experience in your specialization, you can take the RN maternal newborn exam to become a certified maternal newborn nurse. If you want to pass ATI RN maternal newborn exam with the best score, use Naxlex. Our test prep provides powerful guides to give you a guaranteed A or B grade. Signup for the test now.

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How to Prepare for ATI RN Maternal Newborn Exam?

The National Certification Corporation (NCC) offers a guideline concerning the textbooks, and other materials applicants should use to prepare for the RN maternal newborn exam. The recommended materials are bulky, making it challenging to know which topics to focus on and which content you shouldn’t worry about.

How to pass ATI Maternal Newborn Exam

You can use the following tips to help you pass ATI RN maternal newborn exam.

1. Use Naxlex RN Maternal Newborn Exam Materials

You don’t have to waste a lot of time perusing the study guides recommended by NCC. Using those resources will put more pressure on you as the resources are enormous, and not easy to know which areas to focus on. Your time is critical to us. Thus, we have carefully created simple guides to help you prepare for ATI RN maternal newborn exam.

Naxlex RN material newborn materials are well-researched and comprehensive without irrelevant content. Having a good study plan is paramount in your RN maternal newborn exam. Our study guides give tips on organizing your work for adequate test preparation before the exam.

2. Recall RN Maternal Newborn Exam Content Quickly.

The maternal newborn exam evaluates what you know concerning maternal newborn care. It is, therefore, imperative to remember everything you know fast. Quick remembrance of the content you know is crucial because you have a short time to complete the ATI RN maternal newborn exam. 

One way to boost the speed of remembering what you know is using Naxlex flashcards with their well-crafted learning strategies. Every flashcard consists of practical explanations developed by our specialist team, who created Naxlex’s top-rated RN maternal newborn exam study guides.

3. Know What to Expect on ATI RN Maternal Newborn Exam Day

Approaching the ATI RN maternal newborn exam day without knowing your expectation on the test day is risky. Imagine arriving at the exam room one hour later when you must be there 15 minutes before the appointment. Arriving earlier gives you time to verify your details and familiarize yourself with the exam environment. 

As you leave for the ATI RI maternal newborn exam, ensure to carry the following materials;

  1. Your letter of eligibility
  2. Two forms of Government issued Identification Card (ID). You can provide a driver’s license, military ID, National/ state ID, or Passport.
  3. A light jacket or sweater that you can wear or remove quickly during the testing period.
  4. A basic calculator.

You are not allowed to carry other individual materials in the examination room. The exam proctor can give some materials, such as; pencils and paper. You are required to return the given materials at the end of the exam. 

The exam comprises 175 questions which must be completed within three hours. The questions have multiple-choice answers. Thus with sufficient preparation, using the best preparation resources, you can finish the exam within the allotted time.

4. Avoid Exam Anxiety.

Exam anxiety can promote poor exam performance. The ATI RN maternal newborn exam evaluates what you already know. Thus, with adequate exam preparation, you can take the test confidently. Arriving at the testing center 15 minutes earlier can reduce exam anxiety.

What is ATI RN Maternal Newborn Exam Passing Score?

Unlike other nursing exams, the maternal newborn exam requires no minimum score. You will not be able to know the exact score you received on the test. However, you will get a performance report immediately after the exam. The performance notice will let you know if you passed or failed the exam.

Since no passing score information is shared for the RN maternal newborn exam, nursing applicants can be discouraged by this lack of vital information as they prepare for the exam. The solution to this information absence is to work hard and aim for the best in your ATI RN maternal newborn exam. 

If you want to pass with the highest ATI RN maternal newborn exam score, we highly recommend Naxlex study guides. With our test preparation assistance, you are guaranteed an A or B grade. 


RN maternal newborn exam is a crucial test for nurses wanting to register as maternal newborn nurses. The exam does not give concrete details on what the passing score is. If you want to pass ATI RN maternal newborn exam with the highest score on the first attempt, use Naxlex

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