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How to Become a Nurse – National Nurses Week 2023

national nurses week

Nurses play the hugest role in the healthcare industry, from life-threatening ER crises to carrying and caring for older adults to delivering babies. Nurses perform some of the challenging and heartbreaking tasks in the medical field. That’s why there’s a national nurses week 2023 to thank and honor them for their tremendous contribution and sacrifices to keep everyone healthy.

Would you like to be celebrated by becoming a nurse? It’s possible to make an impact in this rewarding career. Since the TEAS test determines whether you will join the nursing institution, you must prepare thoroughly using Naxlex practice tests. These practice tests offer TEAS 7 practice test free and other study modes, including live tutoring. The site also provides study reports that will help you know where you need more practice.

How to Become a Nurse and Get Celebrated in the National Nurses Week

Becoming a registered nurse is a promising career choice, especially considering the high demand for nurses, job security, and competitive wages. Many individuals are inspired to become nurses because they want to impact patients’ lives positively. Here are the steps to becoming an RN from scratch and the timeline involved, enabling you to plan your career and future accordingly.

Start by passing the ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills ( TEAS) Exam

Most students aspiring to be nurses must take the Test of Essential Academic Skills as part of the admission process for some nursing schools. Although not all nursing schools mandate the submission of TEAS scores, it is a common requirement. Prospective exam takers should prepare for the TEAS exam to ensure they possess the necessary academic skills to pursue higher education in health sciences. Check out TakeMyClassPro.

The TEAS exam assesses students’ proficiency in four education areas: science reading, math, and English and language. The ATI TEAS test takes around 3.5 hours, including 170 questions, with only 150 questions being scored. ATI, the company that administers the TEAS test, reports that about 40% of test-takers must retake the exam. Hence, even if you feel confident in the  TEAS 7 tested areas, preparing adequately to improve your chances of success on the first attempt is crucial.

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How to Prepare for the TEAS Test

  • Study for the ATI TEAS exam: there are test takers that feel confident and approach the exam without studying. You should learn all topics, including your strong points. Studying will help boost confidence during exams and equip you to tackle TEAS questions easily.
  • Use TEAS practice tests: there are websites with great TEAS 7 practice tests free and a flexible study guide to help you with TEAS prep. However, you should check reviews on the site to avoid paying for TEAS practice tests that aren’t worth it. You should also check if the site offers features like a live tutor, a study guide, and other features that will smooth your TEAS preparation.
  • Prepare early: even if you have the best TEAS 7 practice questions, ensure you have enough time to prepare for this to avoid chances of retake. Start your preparation a month or more before the TEAS testing day. Studying will prevent covering all the topics adequately, adding stress and exam nervousness.

Wrap Up

Naxlex practice tests are available to assist students in preparing for exams. Over half a million have used Naxlex practice tests, making them pass the TEAS on the first attempt. Naxlex ATI TEAS study guide offers a free six-week study plan for the TEAS exam, which guides weekly study topics and recommended study hours.

Additionally, Naxlex offers a variety of free test preparation materials, such as  TEAS practice tests, study guides, and tutorials, at a low price. What are you waiting for? Get the Naxlex TEAS prep course and get a guaranteed exam with a 90% score.


What’s the process of becoming a nurse?

To enroll in nursing school, you need to pass the TEAS test. Once you begin to pursue a nursing profession, becoming a registered nurse is clear-cut. You must obtain the required nursing degree and pass the NCLEX Exam. To practice as a nurse, you must get licensed in the state where you plan to practice.

How long does it take to study nursing?

The time it takes to study and become a registered nurse may vary. The most significant factor affecting the duration is the degree you choose to pursue. Depending on the nursing program you join, completing and becoming a registered nurse could take as short as 16 months to four long years.

Is it hard to become a nurse?

Being a nurse demands a higher level of commitment than many other professions, but it also offers excellent satisfaction. Nursing education is reputed for its challenges, but the outcome is fulfilling, which is why it attracts determined individuals.

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