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Most Current TEAS Practice Test From ATI

most current TEAS practice test

Discoveries in medicine and medical procedures are happening daily in the medical industry. The test is designed and administered by Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI), and the current one being used (as of June 3, 2022) is the seventh version. Thus, it makes sense to constantly update all essential processes related to the medical field, including the ATI TEAS exam. The ATI TEAS exam plays a significant role when admitting new nurses by ensuring nursing schools get the best candidates. Learn and know what is the Most Current TEAS Practice Test From ATI.

The ATI constantly updates and upgrades the TEAS exam to include relevant changes that provide accurate sorting criteria for students who want to join the nursing field. The ATI’s latest TEAS exam is TEAS version 7. 

The ATI has conducted thorough research with experts in the nursing field to create an exam that reflects common core state standards, the nursing field, and allied health program criteria. This is the most up-to-date version with the latest added changes.

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The ATI made a few changes to the TEAS version 7, including an overall science category, a chemistry subcategory, and a biology subcategory. They also expanded the English and Language Usage category and made other minor changes to the content.

ATI TEAS Version 7- Blueprint

Like other ATI TEAS versions, the 7th version has four content areas: Math (34 questions), Reading (39 questions), English and language usage (33 questions), and Science 44 questions). These questions add up to form 170, 20 of which are unscored. The test takes 209 minutes to complete.


15  questions: Key Ideas and Details

9 questions: Craft and Structure

15 questions: Integration of Knowledge and Ideas


18 questions: Numbers and Algebra

16 questions: Measurement and Data


18 questions: Human Anatomy and Physiology

9 questions: Biology

8 questions: Chemistry

9 questions: Scientific Reasoning

English and Language Usage

12 questions: Conventions of Standard English

11 questions: Knowledge of Language

10 questions: Using Language and Vocabulary to Express Ideas in Writing

In addition to these changes, the ATI TEAS VII has several item types or question types beyond multiple-choice variants. Also, TEAS 7 has no partial answers; students get points for questions they score right.

Types of questions on ATI TEAS 7 exams

Multiple select items

These questions include a list of multiple answers (four or more) with one correct answer or a note asking the students to select all that apply. Students should answer these questions correctly by selecting all correct answers. Failure to select all the right answers makes the selected answers incorrect, and the student doesn’t get partial credit.

Supply answer items

These types of questions require students to supply an answer to the question by filling in a blank. The questions don’t have a set of options to choose from, and the required solutions may be numerical or text values.

Hot spot items

These question types include images with 2-5 clickable areas. The questions require test-takers to click sections of the images predetermined as the correct responses to score points.

Ordered response items

These include questions requiring test-takers to align a set of responses correctly to get points. The questions require test-takers to drag 4-6 response options from left to right, and the student scores points for placing the response options in the correct order. The student answers the question incorrectly; if they put the responses in an incorrect order, and won’t get any partial credit.

Will schools accept my ATI TEAS 6 scores?

TEAS 7 and TEAS 6 exam scores are equated, meaning schools will accept and compare both scores across all applicants. Students who’ve taken the TEAS 6 exam and achieved their desired score don’t have to take the TEAS 7 exam. However, you should check with your preferred school to understand their admissions requirements before taking any ATI TEAS exam. The question of What is the Most Current TEAS Practice Test From ATI has be cleared.

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