Practice Test for the Hesi A2
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Practice Test for the Hesi A2

Practice Test for the Hesi A2

The Hesi entrance test comprises nine topical areas that prospective candidates must focus on before taking. Adequate preparation for the Hesi exam requires the students to use the best study materials. Practice test for the Hesi A2 entrance exam has been a powerful resource for learners wanting to score the best grades.

One of the most significant advantages of the practice test for the Hesi A2 exam is its similarity with the main exam. The exercise test provides practice questions that will likely be tested in the exam. Naxlex Hesi practice questions, for instance, guarantee you a 90% pass on your Hesi exam’s first attempt. Save time and money by using Naxlex.

What Is on the Practice Test for the Hesi A2?

It’s important to note that the Hesi entrance exam consists of eight examinable pieces. In addition to these, there are two optional subjects that some schools may use to test your personality and learning style. A good practice test for the Hesi A2 provides comprehensive study guides covering all the tested areas to prepare you for the exam.

Different schools may also have unique requirements guiding which subjects are supposed to be taken by students joining the nursing programs in their respective schools. Many nursing schools rarely require applicants to take physics and chemistry. You may, however, be required to take all the other six subsets.

The following section describes the crucial content coverage as captured in the practice test. Studying the topics and concepts under each subject can help you confidently approach the exam day. 

1. Practice Test for the Hesi A2 Mathematics Subset

The Hesi mathematics questions evaluate your knowledge of the primary application of math in providing clinical care. The concepts considered under the section are listed below:

  1. Addition and subtraction
  2. Multiplication of whole numbers
  3. Division of whole numbers
  4. Decimals and fractions
  5. Fractions multiplications
  6. Dividing fractions
  7. Converting decimals to fractions
  8. Converting fractions to decimals
  9. Calculating ratios and respective proportions
  10. Calculating percentages
  11. Basic algebra.

The mathematics subset examines fifty-five questions.

2. Hesi Reading Practice Test

The ability to read the written material is crucial in providing nursing care. The practice test for the Hesi A2 reading section provides questions covering the following concepts;

  1. Finding the main idea in a passage
  2. Finding supporting features in a test
  3. Identifying the meaning of written words
  4. Differentiating facts and opinions
  5. Making inferences in a text
  6. Summarizing information

The section will test your reading knowledge with a total of fifty questions.

3. Hesi Vocabulary Practice Test

The use of various vocabularies helps communicate effectively. The practice test for vocabulary sections provides practical questions to prepare you for the exam’s vocabulary subset. The concepts on the practice questions include:

  1. The origin of words
  2. Ability to communicate
  3. Knowledge of nursing-related words
  4. Word knowledge related to healthcare

The vocabulary section evaluates fifty questions.

4. Hesi Grammar Practice Test

Nurses must have a proper understanding of Grammar to provide superior nursing care. The practice test for the Hesi grammar sections provides real questions covering the following tops:

  1. Eight sections of a speech
  2. Nine critical phrases to understand
  3. Ten common grammatical errors to avoid
  4. Five tips for success
  5. Fifteen pair word problems

The sections provide the practice content in a set of fifty questions.

5. Hesi Biology Practice Test

Biology is a critical subject in the provision of healthcare services. The practice test questions gives you the knowledge to handle inquiries related to the following concepts;

The basics of biological study

  1. Water
  2. Cells, molecules & metabolism
  3. Cellular respiration and reproduction
  4. Photosynthesis
  5. DNA and genetics

The biology questions evaluate thirty questions.

6. Hesi Chemistry Practice Test

Chemistry knowledge is helpful in prescribing medication used in clinical care. The practice teas questions equips you with the ability to answer exam items related to the following subjects:

  1. Equilibrium and reversibility
  2. Acids and bases
  3. Oxidation and reduction
  4. Nuclear chemistry and biochemistry
  5. Chemical reactions and reaction rates
  6. Solutions and their concentrations

The chemistry section evaluates your skills through thirty questions.

7. Hesi Anatomy Practice Test

The anatomy and physiology content area examines your understanding of the inner working of the body. The practice test contains practical content that prepares you to answer questions covering the following topics;

  1. General anatomical terminologies
  2. Mitosis and meiosis
  3. Skeletal structure
  4. Nervous system
  5. Circulatory system
  6. Urinary system
  7. Digestive network
  8. Reproductive system
  9. Endocrine system
  10. Skin 

The section will prepare you to answer thirty questions evaluating your general anatomy and physiology knowledge.

8. Hesi Physics Practice Test

The physics section evaluates various physics topics such as; motion, friction, and rotation, among others. The Hesi A2 practice test contains sufficient guides to help you take physics questions successfully. It will equip you with appropriate skills to handle questions testing the following concepts:

  1. Newton’s laws of motion
  2. Nature of motion and acceleration
  3. Circular motion, kinetic and thermal energy
  4. Gravitational force
  5. Light and optics
  6. Atomic structure
  7. Nature of electricity & magnetism

Twenty-five questions are evaluated from the physics section.

How to Prepare for HESI A2 Exam?

The best way to prepare for the Hesi A2 exam is to use a practice tests. These practice questions and quizzes can help you familiarize yourself with the main exam. It is crucial to practice with timed questions as they will help you re-establish the examination environment within your reach.

Practice Test for the Hesi A2

If you can take the practice questions severally, you can gain sufficient confidence for your exam. Use a notebook to identify the topics discussed in the article that you must put more effort into. These methods can help you prepare for the Hesi A2 exam successfully.


Passing the Hesi exam requires candidates to prepare sufficiently. A practical method you can use to prepare for the exam is a practice test. One of the tried and tested practice questions is Naxlex. It guarantees you a 90% pass on your first attempt. Achieve the greatest score with Naxlex.

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