As a nurse effective communication with patients and workmates is crucial in the nursing profession. This is why possessing excellent grammar skills will go along in your admission to your dream course. The teas grammar practice test can help you in the ATI teas exam preparation.

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TEAS Grammar Concepts Examined

As a key skill set in the nursing profession, the teas exam evaluates important aspects of the grammar rules in written and spoken English. Some of the rules you will learn in this area include; the correct usage of verbs, nouns, use of adjectives, adverbs and pronouns and so on.

This article shares a well-summarized study guide to help you plan for the grammar questions of the teas exam. Our expert-designed grammar practice lessons are accessible to you online through various internet-connected devices such as; laptops, smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

The study resources provide an excellent chance to test your skills that will be examined on the exam day. Concise study guides on grammar rules and usage created by experts in the field are available to you. Once you’re done with the study guides, you can try the practice test to measure your knowledge of the basics of grammar usage as tested on the teas test.

The briefly designed and captivating study guides begin with a review of the grammar rules and go further to expound on the foundations of grammar with several examples. At the end of your preparation for the grammar lessons , you should be able to achieve the following deliverables;

  • Describe and give illustrations of pronouns
  • Contrast adjectives and adverbs
  • Provide illustrations of prepositional phrases
  • Define nouns and split infinitives
  • Describe the usage of action and auxiliary verbs
  • Use coordination and correlative conjunctions, and so on.
 teas grammar practice test

Practice Test Lessons On Grammar Rules & Usage

Our concise prep guides and lessons will teach you the practical aspects that you need to know about grammar usage. The skills will prepare you for your teas exam. Some of the teas grammar practice tests you will explore include the following topics;

1. What Is Grammar? Practice Question

Grammar is an integral component in the construction of the English language. Our teas grammar practice test will help you understand the meaning of grammar and learn various construction blocks you need to know. The grammar building blocks include; nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections.

2. What Are Nouns? Includes Types & Illustrations

A noun is a sentence section describing places, people, and other objects. There are two kinds of nouns you will learn including; common and concrete nouns. Our teas grammar practice test will guide you on defining nouns and how to use them in a sentence.

3. What are Pronouns? Including Their Types & Examples

Pronouns are words used in a speech to replace a noun or noun phrase. The available teas grammar practice test resources will teach you the definition of pronouns, types and illustrations. Besides, you’ll learn about subjective and objective case pronouns.

Subjective pronouns affect the action of a verb, while objective case pronouns receive the action of a verb. Pronouns help sentences in academic and writing spaces sound better for easy comprehension.

4. What is a Prepositional Phrase? - Includes Definition & Illustration

A prepositional phrase is an expression acting like a verb or adjective. Our teas grammar practice test will give you a deeper understanding of prepositional phrases, emphasizing how they work and how you can apply them precisely. A phrase is a grammatical tool acting like a verb or adjective. In English, prepositional phrases are used to give more details about nouns or verbs.

5. Conjunctions: Includes Coordinating & Correlative

Conjunctions are words or a group of words that connect other words, clauses and phrases in a sentence. Some examples of conjunctions are; for, but, or others. Our well-crafted teas grammar practice test shares deep secrets regarding the two kinds of conjunctions which are; coordinating and corrective.

6. What is an Interjection? - Includes Definition & Illustrations

Interjections are expressed feelings used in written communication without requiring a verb or subject to achieve meaning. The study guides and materials will show you how to use and punctuate interjections. Used correctly, interjections communicate powerful emotions to the user.

English language and its usage is an integral component in the nursing field. Grammar is a major building block for effective writing and speaking of the English language. The concepts and topics explored in grammar lessons can be challenging to the average student. This is why our teas grammar practice test has been developed to assist you in your teas grammar preparation.

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