do you get scratch paper on the Hesi A2
Naxlex Blog TEAS Practice Test Do You Get Scratch Paper On The HESI A2?

Do You Get Scratch Paper On The HESI A2?

do you get scratch paper on the Hesi A2

One of the rules, whenever you are taking the HESI A2 exam, is to refrain from bringing any kind of writing material into the exam room. Candidates will at times have to do some calculations or note down things to help them pass their HESI A2 exam on the first attempt. In this article, we will be answering the question do you get scratch paper on the HESI A2?

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What is a Scratch Paper for HESI A2?

Scratch paper for a HESI A2 is a laminated scratch pad with double-sided pages and yellow grid lines. It is of the same size as the legal pad although it has a plastic surface. It resembles the combination of a flip pad and an erase board. However, you cannot erase anything from it.  It comes with a scratch pen that is a non-permanent wet marker of the same size as the normal Sharpie. 

Do You Get Scratch Paper On The HESI A2?

When taking HESI A2 at home, you are not allowed to use the normal paper as scratch paper and instead, you will have to stick to the HESI guidelines for acceptable scratch paper material to help you in taking notes. 

You can consider using the following:

  • A sheet of paper inside a transparent sheet protector with an erasable marker. Pens and pencils are not allowed in the exam room. 
  • A small desktop whiteboard together with an erasable marker 

At the completion of your HESI A2 exam, you will have to show your proctor all the notes that you did write down. 

However, when taking your HESI A2 at an exam center or a school, you will always be issued with a scratch paper on the test day. 

The proctor or the test administrator will issue you will a scratch paper to use during the exam. You should never use scratch paper before the exam or during the exam breaks. All the scratch papers you use in their entirety needs to go back to the test administrator at the end of the exam. 

If the proctor or test administrator issued you with any paper or document other than the scratch paper, you will have to return it back after the exam. You are not allowed to bring your own piece of paper or remove any piece of paper from the testing room or write on any other material apart from the computer and scratch paper issued by the test administrator.

Tips to Help Ensure Effective Use of Scratch Paper During HESI A2 Exam 

Here are important tips on how to put your scratch paper into effective use.

Divide Every Page into Sections

Before you start using your scratch paper, it is advisable that you divide the paper into squares corresponding to the question’s number. For instance, when a particular section has 12 questions, you can divide the scratch paper into 12 squares and label them 1 to 12. 

Never Overuse the Scratch Paper 

Try to practice doing calculations and picking major ideas from reading in your head. Although using scratch paper can be useful, it can consume lots of your time and energy that you could have put into better use during the test. 

Practice Writing Small at Home

You should not put lots of information on the scratch paper. You can practice this during your studies or when doing the Naxlex practice tests. 

Never Overlap 

When you stuff lots of this on one section of the scratch paper, you can easily mix up information and get confused. You can get lost easily by going back and forth between the scratch paper and the computer screen. 

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