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How Does NCLEX Scoring Work

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) is responsible for issuing the NCLEX exam. The NCLEX exam helps in determining if it is safe for a candidate to start practicing as an entry-level nurse. However, this examination has undergone lots of transformation since 1982. Its most recent change was in 2023. Without passing the NCLEX, you cannot work as an RN in the United States. This explains why most aspiring nurses always ask how NCLEX scoring works.

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How Does NCLEX Scoring Work

How Does NCLEX Scoring Work

The NCLEX is a pass or fail examination. This examination uses computer adaptive testing (CAT) questions. It means all the questions you see adapt depending on how you respond to the previous questions. The minimum number of questions is 70 while the maximum numbers of questions are 135. 

The scoring in NCLEX has transformed from dichotomous to polychromous for certain items. It means instead of all correct or all incorrect answers, the exam takers can get scores for partially correct answers. However, the three pass-or-fail rules do remain the same:

  • 95% rule: The exam will automatically stop when the computer is 95% sure you did pass or fail the test. 
  • Maximum Length rule: When you are too close to attaining the passing score, the examination will continue until the maximum number of questions is achieved. 
  • Maximum Time Rule: when you run out of time during the examination and have managed to answer the minimum number of questions, the score will always be issued depending on the responses you provided. 

What Is The NCLEX Passing Score And The Pass Rate?

The passing score of NCLEX – RN is 0.00 logits and – 0.18 logits for the NCLEX – PN. The standard will be active through March 31st 2026. The test plans and passing standards for the NCLEX undergo evaluation after every three years. For instance, the pass rate in 2022 was 79.9%. 

How Many NCLEX Questions Are There?

Not all exam takers will have the same amount of questions when sitting for their NCLEX examination. There is always a minimum of 70 questions and a maximum of 135 questions. 

Every test will also come with 15 experimental questions that are at the beginning of the exam. These questions will help in determining the base knowledge level. However, the questions never count as part of the actual score. Exam takers will not have any idea as to which questions fall into this category. 

Whenever a test taker answers a question correctly, the difficulty level of the next question will increase. You can never skip the NCLEX questions since each question determines your knowledge level. It is possible to pass the NCLEX after answering all the 135 questions. It is also possible to pass the examination after answering 70 questions or any number between 70 and 135. However, you need to keep in mind that NCLEX has a time limit of five hours. When time runs out before answering enough questions correctly, then you will fail the test. 

Important Factors that Influence NCLEX Score 

Here are important factors that have a direct impact on the NCLEX score. 

The Questions Difficulty Level 

The NCLEX questions difficulty level will have a huge impact on the final score. The computer algorithm that makes the exam scores considers the level of difficulty of each question. When you correctly answer more difficult questions, there are higher possibilities of getting a higher score. 

Number of Questions You Answer Correctly

The number of questions NCLEX exam takers receive does vary. In most cases, the exam concludes under the following conditions:

  • The exam taker did answer enough questions for the examination to determine whether they met the passing standards. 
  • The exam taker has managed to answer the maximum allowable number of questions. 
  • If the exam taker runs out of time but has managed to answer the minimum number of questions. 

The number of questions an exam taker answers correctly on the NCLEX exam is an important factor in determining the final score. The more questions a candidate answers correctly, the higher the score will be. Moreover, it is important to note that the computer algorithm used in scoring the exam takes into account the difficulty level of the questions. 

Four Essential Tips for Passing the NCLEX Exam on the First Attempt

Here are the essential tips that will help exam takers to pass their upcoming NCLEX exam. 

Never Self-Evaluate During the Examination

Although it is tempting to start overthinking when the examination is ongoing, never overthink when the exam is ongoing. 

Proper Stress Management 

Some students fail the NCLEX exam because they do not know how to properly manage their stress levels. Furthermore, having proper preparation plays a big part in stress management. Ensure you take your time to learn more about stress management before you start preparing for your exams. 

Come Up With a Study Plan 

It is important to have a study plan before you start studying for your NCLEX exam. If you fail to plan well, high chance you will fail your exam. You need proper planning, self-discipline and determination

Invest in Test Prep Resources

Investing in test prep resources is one of the best tips for passing your NCLEX exam on the first attempt. You must get the right materials such as textbooks and study guides. 

Naxlex Offers Top Quality NCLEX Preparation Resources 

Passing the NCLEX examination is one of the most important milestones in a nursing career. It requires any aspiring nurse to dedicate and prepare well. However, with the right study materials, you can always cut down on the study time and gain full confidence on the examination day. Naxlex offers one of the top NCLEX study guides and resources. We offer our students sample questions, practice tests and resources to help them prepare well for the examination. The practice tests from Naxlex will help prepare you for all the types of questions you can encounter during the examination. We give you an accurate timeline of the time it will take you to pass. 

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