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Naxlex Blog TEAS Practice Test When Can I Have the ATI Teas Retake?

When Can I Have the ATI Teas Retake?

when to retake teas

When is the ATI TEAS Retake? You can have the ATI TEAS retake after a 30-day compulsory wait period with sufficient study. It’s the retake duration allowed by many nursing schools. Four in every ten students taking the teas exam will fail the test. Many reasons can prompt your failure in the ATI test. One reason for defeat is the use of inefficient preparation resources.

Fortunately, there is no need for the ATI TEAS retake when you can pass the teas test on your first attempt. Naxlex practice test provides excellent preparatory classes to equip you with the skillset you need to achieve a great score of 90%. Use Naxlex test prep today and score the best possible, Try Now.

How Often Can I Have the ATI TEAS Retake?

Your frequency of retaking the teas exam depends on a few factors. You should attempt the test exam three times a year. The number of trials you can do also varies from school to school, so it’s important to enquire from your school of choice to determine how often you can re-sit the exam.

You will wait fourteen days for the ATI teas exam before another attempt. You can program multiple exams, so long there is a fourteen-day separation between each trial. Each concluded and graded teas test is computed as an attempt, whether you submit the test results or not.

Schools receive amended teas exam trials with your transcripts for admission considerations. You cannot take a specific portion of the teas exam during the test attempt. For overall evaluation of their academic preparedness level, applicants must complete the four areas of the teas exam before the end of the examination.

During the ATI TEAS retake, some questions might be more difficult than others. Skip the challenging ones to save time because you can return to the questions you’re unsure of. Besides, ensure to answer all the questions as there is no penalty for wrong answers.

Different sections of the teas exam may have varying difficulties. One way to identify the most problematic sections is to check the amount of time allocated to each section. This can give a hint regarding the demands and expectations of that area. For instance, science is allotted 60 minutes, while the English language is allocated 37 minutes. In other sections, time allocation
falls within the range.

It indicates the science section is more demanding than the other sections. You can easily do worse on your second TEAS test without a good strategy. If this happens, you will have to retake the exam. But you can avoid the vicious cycle of failing the teas test in every attempt by investing your time in a tried and tested practice test like the Naxlex test prep. After using the test, the practice test warrants an excellent pass on your first attempt.

5 Tips to Prepare for ATI Teas Retake

Failing the ATI teas exam is shared among thousands of nursing hopefuls. 40% of the students will repeat the test. Therefore, if you fail on your first attempt, you should not worry a lot since you are not alone. However, your goal should be performing exemplary well in your next attempt. The following are some tips that can help you in the ATI TEAS retake preparation;

1. Always Aim Higher

Admission to a nursing program can be very competitive. Many students are competing for the few admission slots. Some qualified students amounting to 30%, have missed their chance due to scoring slightly lower marks below the cut-off points. Your goal should be to score the highest grade possible that can place you above the competition.

2. Consider Admission Requirements

Different schools may have different admission criteria. It’s crucial, therefore, to find out any nursing admission requirements that might restrict your entry into the dream school. Check the information regarding the deadline for application and how many times you can apply. Such details can help you plan for your ATI TEAS retake.

3. Allocate Sufficient Time

Time management is vital in your test preparation. For example, aim to start your study at least six weeks before the exam day. Sufficient preparation can empower you with the right skills, knowledge and confidence to face your exam. 

Don’t be cheated that you can walk into the exam room and expect a good performance without putting in the much-needed time and effort. Moreover, knowing that 40% of the test takers will repeat the exam should be a reason to prepare thoroughly for your ATI TEAS retake.

4. Invest in Practice Tests

Practice teas tests are significant resources that can take you to great performance heights with minimal effort. And not just any test materials you can find; the purpose is only to invest in high-quality materials that guarantee you 90% excellence on your first attempt. 

If you are retaking the teas exam, the only test prep program that can give you a higher 90% and above score is the Naxlex practice questions. Millions of satisfied students joining nursing schools have used the test prep. You try the practice test for free and find what’s there for you.

5. Stay Calm

Scoring good grades in the teas exam is the desire of every nursing applicant. As such, failing the teas exam can be very discouraging. However, staying positive is essential to perform better in your next attempt. 

When you are positive and calm amid uncomfortable circumstances, you can have a focused study for your exam. With sufficient peace of mind and access to high-quality study materials, you can overcome failure and achieve a higher score in the next teas exam trial. Also consider the secret of passing TEAS.

Final Word

Failing the ATI teas exam can be traumatic to many students. If you have failed the test, there is hope for better performance since you have another opportunity to retake the exam. You must use the highest quality test practice materials available to score higher grades on your next attempt.
One resource that can boost your teas retake preparation is the Naxlex test practice questions. The questions are closely related to the exam, with a 99% accurate prediction. Using Naxlex teas test questions gives you a sure path to success. Therefore, in order to achieve a 90% score on your retake, Try Naxlex Test.

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