Do All Nursing Programs Require TEAS?
Naxlex Blog TEAS Practice Test Do All Nursing Programs Require TEAS? 

Do All Nursing Programs Require TEAS? 

Do All Nursing Programs Require TEAS?

A good number of nursing programs require the TEAS exam. The teas exam is an essential requirement for entry into many nursing schools. It evaluates the applicant’s suitability to pursue nursing or health-related courses. Although the exam is a good measure of a student’s academic preparedness level, not every nursing program requires teas results for admission consideration. 

If you want to enroll for a nursing course in a college that uses teas outcome for admission, you must ensure you’re prepared for the exam. An excellent test prep that can help you achieve a score of 90% on your first attempt is the Naxlex test. It provides questions that mimic the exam at a 99% accuracy level. Achieve more excellent scores with Naxlex.

14 Texas-Based Schools Accepting Teas

In Texas, numerous colleges demand passage of the teas exam for your admission to be considered. If you are a resident of Texas or want to discover exceptional schools offering BSN degree courses, then the following training institutions can be a great starting point.

  1. The University of Texas at Arlington
  2. The University of Texas at Tyler
  3. Texas Woman’s University
  4. University of Houston
  5. Sam Houston State University
  6. Angelo State University
  7. The University of Texas on El Paso
  8. Texas State University
  9. Stephen F Austin State University
  10. Concordia University Texas
  11. Schreiner University
  12. Texas Christian University
  13. Texas A & M University-Commerce
  14. University of the Incarnate Word 

What Sections Are on The TEAS Test?

If you are interested in joining a college that requires applicants to complete the teas exam, you need to familiarize yourself with the content of the teas exam. The teas test consists of four sections covering unique topics and concepts. The sections forming the exam are: math, reading, science, and English.

a) Reading Section

The reading area examines questions from the following sub-sections:

  • Craft and structure
  • Essential concepts and details
  • Integrating knowledge and concepts

b) The Science Section

The science sub-content area explores the following topics and subjects:

  • General anatomy and physiology of the human body
  • Biological and physical sciences
  • Scientific reasoning

c) The Math Section

The teas questions evaluated from the math section contain the following concepts:

  • Algebra and numbers
  • Measurements and data

d) The English Section

The concepts and questions examined in the English and language usage cover the following topics:

  • Expressing concepts through writing
  • Use of the English vocabularies
  • Understanding of the English language
  • The Conventions of Standardized English

How Can You Study for the TEAS Test?

Now that you know the teas score is a vital prerequisite for admission to many nursing programs, there is a great interest to ensure you are prepared for the teas exam.

Do All Nursing Programs Require TEAS?

The following points can provide resourceful tips in preparing for the test.

1) Use Practice Tests

The teas exercise tests are great resources to help you achieve the required scores for your nursing program. The tests mimic the test in format and give you the confidence you need to face it. One of the most significant test preps for you is the Naxlex test. It provides questions similar to the exam and guarantees you a 90% score on the exam. You can access the Naxlex test here.

2) Try YouTube

YouTube can provide rich content for many subjects. You can search various resources focusing on teas preparation. Popular resources will have many views from users looking for test prep materials like you.

3) Use Online Courses

Online test prep courses are great tools for applicants who want to widen their test preparation efforts. There are free and paid courses, with the latter offering better resources for your study. But if you can purchase the course and pass the exam, that
would be a significant investment.

4) Use Facebook Groups

Facebook groups provide common grounds for people with similar interests. There are various groups offering test preparation tips among their members. Some of the groups contain more than 50,000 members. So Facebook groups can be a resourceful option.

5) Have a Study Guide

A well-organized revision plan is a crucial tool in your study process. Identify the areas of the teas test that challenge you and focus more of your time studying the topics. Do not focus on a single topic at the expense of other content areas; distribute your study time evenly.

6) Have Sufficient Learning Period

Like any other exam, you need sufficient time for your teas preparation. You should study for at least six weeks before the scheduled test date. You can space your study program accordingly in case you need more time for the preparation.

Final Thoughts

Although the teas score is essential for school admission, not all nursing programs require the exam. You must, however, prepare for the exam if you are joining a school that requires teas as part of the admission process.
The good news is that excelling the teas exam is very easy with the Naxlex questions. Naxlex provides test questions that mirror the exam with 99% accuracy prediction. If you want to achieve a 90% score on your teas’ first attempt, try  Naxlex Now.

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