Is the TEAS Practice Test Helpful
Naxlex Blog TEAS Practice Test Is the ATI Teas Practice Test Helpful? 

Is the ATI Teas Practice Test Helpful? 

Is the TEAS Practice Test Helpful

“Is the TEAS Practiec Test Helpful?” is a popular question among students with the plans of taking the TEAS exam. Certainly, the ATI practice questions are very helpful to applicants interested in joining a nursing college since ATI is the agency that manages the TEAS exam. The ATI teas practice test provided can therefore bear close similarities with the actual exam you’ll do on your
test day.

Despite having valuable content in preparing students for the exam, the ATI teas practice test can be expensive to many candidates. An excellent yet affordable practice test option that can give you good results is the Naxlex test. It offers a 99% accuracy prediction of the actual exam. Thus, with the Naxlex test, you’re guaranteed of 90% pass in your exam. 

What Does the ATI TEAS Test Cover?

Like other test preps such as the Naxlex, the ATI practice questions cover the four significant subjects applied in the nursing field: Math, reading, English, and science. The questions total 170 and are distributed within the four examinable content areas. Each question has four choices for you to choose the correct answer.
The number of questions varies from section to section; for instance, the reading content area comprises 45 questions, including five unscored items. The math consists of 34 scored items, with four unscored. The science contains 44 scored questions with
six unscored, while the English section consists of 37 questions inclusive of 4 unscored questions.
The ATI has practice questions designed to give the candidates test reports at the end of the test assessment. The result report provides summarized details concerning your test performance and the areas you need to improve to achieve better grades and improve the learning outcome in your nursing classes.

There are various recommended TEAS Practice Tests that could see you through the TEAS exam.

What Kind of Science is On The ATI TEAS Test?

The examined content area of the ATI teas test contains four kinds of science subjects, including; biology (nine questions), chemistry (eight questions), human anatomy & physiology (eighteen questions), and scientific reasoning (nine questions). The science questions consist of fifty questions tested within sixty minutes.

How Helpful Is the Teas Practice Test

Besides, the math section of the ATI teas questions contains two kinds of mathematical concepts, including: Numbers & algebra and measurement and data.

The area consists of thirty-eight questions examined within fifty-seven minutes. Generally speaking, the teas practice questions can help you in your teas exam preparation.

It is because the test questions are created to give you an insider preview of the test exam. The questions will give you a basic understanding of what to expect in the exam. 

The test provides assessment reports at the end of the test to show you the areas you are weak. Such informative test reports can be an excellent resource that can guide your study process. According to the report, places that you find challenging require more time focused on those topics. Therefore, practice tests can be helpful in your test preparation journey.

ATI TEAS Practice Test Vs. Real Test

Many nursing applicants wonder whether “ATI TEAS practice test is similar to the real test.” The practice questions mimic the actual test with a more significant margin.

So, using ATI teas practice questions or other superior test prep like the Naxlex can be a considerable effort to achieve excellent scores on your test day. 

The Naxlex test provides a 99% accuracy of the real exam, meaning the questions you face are likely the same as those in the actual exam.

What Is the Best Way to Study for The ATI TEAS?

You can pass your ATI teas exam without sweat with a well-planned study. You must study for the teas test at least six weeks before the test day. The following are some study tips that can help you.

Know What’s in The Exam

Have an idea of what to expect in the test. Different parts of the teas exam will have diverse levels of difficulty. One of the hardest parts is the science section which requires you to spend an hour tackling the area. Thus, it would help if you put sufficient time into studying science, math, and all other parts as needed. 

Choose the Right Teas Practice Test

There are several teas practice tests in the market; regrettably, not all are equal. ATI Teas practice test can be helpful in your study. An equally resourceful test prep that will give similar or better results is the Naxlex practice test. If you want to pass your exam on the first attempt, Naxlex will give you that power. The practice test offers you a guaranteed pass score of 90% in your first exam trial.

You can try the test for free as you gauge the usefulness of this unique test.


ATI teas practice test can be helpful to applicants desirous of excelling in their teas exam. Besides, other excellent test preps are available to you that can give you a sure pathway to an outstanding score in the teas exam. Naxlex is the best alternative giving you a guaranteed score of 90% in your first trial. To get the grade you need for your nursing school, join  Naxlex Today .

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