The best way to prepare for your TEAS exam is to do a TEAS practice test. The practice test help test your knowledge and you will get to know what will be on the actual TEAS exam. The most successful TEAS exam students usually take at least five complete practice exams and learn from the exam questions they get wrong.

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TEAS 7 Exam Quiz Bank

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What is on the TEAS Practice Test ?

Before you take the practice test, you must know the TEAS test to ensure you benefit from the practice questions. ATI TEAS test consists of four sections: Math, Reading, Science and English.

The TEAS exam has 170 questions, with only 150 questions being scored. Students will never know which 20 questions are not scored. Every section of the TEAS will have a different amount of unscored questions.

Differences between TEAS Practice A and B

reading teas practice test

TEAS practice assessments A and B have a unique set of rationales and questions. They are aligned with the new TEAS version. Each assessment comprises 150 unique questions. They also have alternate item question types.

TEAS Practice A and B are all designed to give you a sense of what the actual TEAS exam will be like. They are designed with a similar feel and look and have an embedded calculator that will be of great use in the proctored exam. They all follow the question blueprint for TEAS 7, including question distribution across different topics.

TEAS Practice A and B Question Types

TEAS exams used to be multiple-choice questions. The TEAS 7 test currently has different types of questions. Some of the questions you can expect to get on your TEAS practice test include the following:

  • Multiple Choices: These are questions that include four answer choices. One answer choice will be correct.
  • Multiple select: They are questions that provide four or more answer choices. There is a possibility of having more than one correct answer choice.
  • Supply Answer: These are questions that do not provide answer choices. You will have to complete the blank for these questions.
  • Hot Spot: These are questions that provide you with an image of different hot spots. You will have to click the image area that answers the question. There are two to five hot spots on an image.
  • Ordered Response: These questions prompt you to order a set of responses. IF 1 response is out of order, the entire question will be incorrect.

Why Use the TEAS Practice Test?

Preparing for your actual TEAS exam with a practice test is one of the best methods to increase your chances of passing. Using the practice exams has several benefits, including:

  • Focused Study Time: Students will understand their weaknesses and strengths when they do practice exams. Most students unknowingly spend most of their time practising areas they are strong at, ignoring the sections they are weak on.
  • Familiarity with the Testing Format: All standardized tests, including TEAS practice tests, have a unique way of presenting questions and answers. TEAS practice test will help you become more familiar and comfortable with the question style as you tackle more practice questions.
  • Enhance Problem-Solving: TEAS test access your ability to solve problems, not just memorize information. Having a robust problem-solving capability is critical in performing well on the exam. TEAS practice tests include rationales in score reports which explain the correct answer to help you improve.
  • Improved Timing: TEAS exam is a timed exam. Students have to keep a steady pace to achieve a high score. Taking the TEAS practice tests in a timed format will help improve your time management and decision-making on the test day.

TEAS Test Practice Methods

Remove Limitations

Consider doing the TEAS practice test without time limitations. Open the notes with a study guide in your hand. Do not depend too much on these resources but always have them available.

Time Yourself

When doing the second TEAS practice test, have the same resources as you but time yourself. It will help you pace yourself for the test.

Simulate Test Day

After the first two TEAS practice tests, take the proceeding practice test as if they are actual exams on the test day. Time yourself, do away with outside resources, sit at a desk and pretend like you are at the TEAS testing facility. Give your best when answering the questions.

Keep practising

When through with simulating the test day, do not stop practising. Keep on practising. The more you practice, the more confident and comfortable you will be on the test day.

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