Hardest Part Of The Teas Test

The TEAS test is what nursing schools use to admit their students. It is one of the last steps before a student submits their program application. Some refer to it as ATI TEAS, TEAS VII, or TEAS 7. They are all the same exams!

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In this guide, we will cover the TEAS exam's hardest topics and what can be done to make it easy for students.

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Is The Teas Test Hard?

This is one question most nursing students always debate on. TEAS do not have a minimum passing score. It is the individual institutions and programs that set their passing score. This makes it more difficult for some nursing students who will have to score high for their particular program.

Some institutions use a national mean score of 65% to 75%. More competitive institutions use higher mean cores of 78% to 90% to help determine their programs

Which Topics Are The Hardest And Why

TEAS test is of the same difficulty as ACT and SAT. It is nothing you have never encountered before! Timing is the most difficult part of the exam. Students who fail to prepare properly will most likely find the going difficult. According to research, most students find reading and mathematics the hardest topics in the TEAS exam. The sections are said to be difficult since there are several topics covered while the students are pressed for time.


You will love or hate it! The questions here cover everything from data to algebra and measurement. If you have been out of the mathematics scene for quite some time, your skills might be rusty. Students are advised to take their time and review the study guides and familiarize themselves with the different methods of solving differential equations.

Before registering for the TEAS exam, break out the old flashcards and do a refresher course on percentage to decimal conversions, fractions, and basic mathematics fundamentals like PEDMAS. Most students are accustomed to using computers or mobile phones for mathematical problems. TEAS only allow the use of a physical calculator. Try to stick with it during your preparations.


TEAS exam reading section contains long and short passages that you will read and provide a series of answers. Consider reviewing the questions first before reading the passage. This will give you an idea of what to keep an eye on while reading. Most reading questions will focus on the student’s ability to determine the differences between opinion and fact. So, keep an eye out for questions that seem like asking for your judgment, and always stick to the facts.

Spare time to review different writing styles, such as informational or persuasive styles, since the answers about the passages will always differ. Never forget you have a set time to beat. Be sure you pace yourself accordingly and use the practice reading material well. This will enable you to estimate the time to spare for each question. Improve your comprehension and reading speed to ensure you are done before time elapses.

What Can Be Done To Make It Easy For Students

hardest part of teas test

For students to find the TEAS exam easy, they must prepare well by giving themselves enough time. According to ATI, students need at least 6 weeks of preparation . When vying with other students for a few slots in a nursing program, you must put in your best effort to ensure you score well. Two common approaches in TEAS test preparation are purchasing a program or doing a self-guided study. Here are some other popular ways that can help students find TEAS exams easy

Before you embark on exam preparation ,make a plan. The following questions will help you come up with a plan:

  • How long do I have before I sit for the TEAS?
  • What study environment favors me most?
  • What resources do I have access to?
  • What are the main areas of concern?
  • What other things should I start or stop doing apart from preparing for the TEAS?

Asking yourself the above questions will enable you to identify some of your challenges to ensure you make better preparations.

You will be able to schedule a time to get everything under control in case something unexpected happens. You will also be able to take care of your physical and mental health since you will have an idea of what you need to accomplish before the exam time.

Your confidence does not matter; test prep resources will always greatly help. It is a great idea you always take a TEAS practice test at the start of your studies.

Consider taking as many possible no-cost sample tests that are readily accessible online. TEAS practice test is an excellent tool that will help determine how you are faring with your studies and help refine your test-taking abilities.

Another important tip for students is to register for the exams on time. Although you can be doing several independent preparations beforehand, the test administrators may send you to study guides and other preparation materials once you do the official registration.

If you have enough time to prepare, you should never procrastinate a>and start cramming. If you are a morning person, do most of your studies in the morning. If you are a night owl, schedule most of your sessions in the evening. Taking plenty of breaks a few days before the exam is always a great idea. Although you are eager to pass the exams, you must be cautious not to burn yourself out.

Yes, we made it through! We hope we have given you more insight into the hardest part of the TEAS test and the things you can do to simplify it. Preparation will be your best friend. You must make good use of all the materials and time yourself well.Academic testing has never been easy, but with proper planning and tight tools, you will always be successful!

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