The Mometrix teas practice test is a test preparation program offered by Mometrix. According to the official website, the teas practice test that can be accessed for free can give you a general overview of what to study based on the actual exam’s expectations. It offers teas prep tools such as; teas online course, teas study guide, and teas flashcards. All are designed to boost your teas grade.

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Mometrix Teas Prep Materials

As part of its product offerings concerning the teas preparation, the Mometrix teas practice test utilizes three products: an online course, study guides and flashcards. The products are designed to support you in scoring good grades in your ATI teas exam.

mometrix teas practice test

1. Mometrix Teas Online Course

You can try Mometrix online course without obligation within seven days after registration. The practice test provides additional support materials such as; more than 2180 practice questions, 106 study guides, a review of more than 190 videos, and 130+ flashcards.

2. Mometrix Teas Practice Questions

The free teas practice questions will give you the tips you need to know in handling the exam’s questions. The test allows you to practice ten complete practice tests that mirror the exam questions. The questions are presented in the latest teas seven versions to avoid your last-minute surprises on exam day.

The practice questions come with comprehensive response explanations to help you learn from wrongly answered questions. At the end of each lesson, you can generate customized questions to strengthen what you have learned and identify the areas you have missed.

3. Mometrix Teas Study Lessons

The 106 study guides provide step-based guidance on how to study for the exam. It focuses on the core topics that you need to learn. Every effort is put in place to ensure the course’s content does not confuse you.

The Mometrix teas practice test study lessons provide tracking tools to measure complete assignments while reviewing practice question statistics. The study lessons will also identify the areas you need to emphasize.

The study guides can guide the exam preparation within a limited timeframe. They can be accessed in two formats; the printed book, which costs $34.99 or the ebook, retailing at $29.99. The materials provide tools to help you score good grades in your ATI teas exam.

4. Mometrix Teas Video Reviews

Studying the guides and other written materials can be tiresome. Thanks to the available video resources, you can continue your study without boredom. The videos and the images provided will give you additional support concerning your test prep journey.

The videos provide extra benefits, such as; clarifying challenging concepts you need help to understand fully. You can view complex topics explained through illustrations, animations, images and diagrams. The video lessons can be accessed in over 8 hours.

5. Mometrix Teas Flashcards

The ATI teas exam evaluates what you already know about the four examinable content areas: math, reading, English and science. This is why you must be thoroughly prepared for the exam. One of the preparatory tools you can use is the Mometrix teas practice test flashcards. The ATI teas test flashcards have been created to summarize extensive test topics into short, concise concepts you need to know before the exam day. The contents have been designed into easy-to-use learning guides to boost your ATI teas test success. The Mometrix teas practice test ATI teas flashcards come with the following benefits;

  • The flashcards content provides repetitive learning to help you grasp core concepts quickly.
  • The flashcards provide uninterrupted learning.
  • The cards are coded with different colours for each subject. You can focus on a particular topic by grabbing a single colour.
  • The flashcards content covers all the examinable topics and subjects, including; math, science, reading and English.
  • The flashcards are portable, meaning you can use them whenever you’re, thus making your test preparation accessible everywhere.
  • The concepts captured in the cards are well explained. You have no reason to use textbooks to confirm something. Everything is covered in the flashcards. This helps you to understand the concepts quickly, thus saving time.
  • The cards provide learning concepts in small bits. There is no room for boredom; thus, you can use the cards until you grasp the full content.
  • Your friends can help you study. They don’t need to have teas knowledge. Any literate person can quiz you using the Mometrix teas practice test ATI teas flashcards, making your learning fun.

The Mometrix teas practice test provides relevant test preparation materials that can help you in your ATI teas exam preparation. As technologies evolve, equally competitive test prep materials are growing.

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