As you planning to join a nursing school? You need the best Best TEAS Practice Test to familiarize yourself with the admission requirements. A key prerequisite that you must go through is the ATI teas exam. The exam evaluates your academic preparedness level to grasp nursing-related lectures.

During your exam preparation journey, you'll find several TEAS Practice Tests. However, it would help if you dug deeper into your research to unearth the best practice test you can use in your preparation efforts. We have simplified the process for you. One of the best TEAS Practice Tests is the Naxlex test. Through this test, you can score a greater mark of 90% on your exam. Try the Naxlex Test.

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What is The TEAS Test?

The TEAS, an abbreviation for the Test of Essential Academic Skills, is an evaluation exam to measure your readiness to enroll for a nursing or other healthcare program. For your nursing application to be successful, you must pass the teas exam.

ATI teas exam evaluates four major skills used in the nursing and health sciences profession. The skills are examined from the following areas; science, reading, math and English language. Each examinable content area constitutes sub-content topics that the applicants are assessed on.

The teas exam consists of questions of varying difficulties. Serious preparation is, therefore, crucial before the exam day. You can simplify the hard concepts through the use of TEAS Practice Tests. There are different practice tests you can consider for your prep efforts. When exploring the options, pick the Best TEAS Practice Test.

The Best TEAS Practice Test : Premium

In identifying the Best TEAS Practice Test, make a few considerations, including; preps covering all the exam sections, the nature of the study and preparation guides offered, tests that mimic the actual exam, and personalized support through video tutoring or other communication methods.

The following are some of the best TEAS Practice Tests available to you;

1. Naxlex Test Prep

Naxlex is a leading teas test preparation service that countless nursing applicants have used with a 90% success rate on their first attempt. The test provides two options; free and paid packages. The premium package is the most affordable in the market giving you a choice based on your budget. It costs between $99-$499; the pricing depends on the package selected.

Naxlex provides practice questions that offer a 99% accurate prediction of the actual exam. If you use the practice test, you'll face related questions in the real exam. That's why Naxlex guarantees a 90% score in the main exam if you score the same on the test. Besides, it offers a money-back guarantee if you score 80% on the test and fail the exam.

Naxlex TEAS Practice Test will give you live tutoring and personalized support once you subscribe to the premium package. Subscribe to the test now.

2. ATI TEAS Practice Test

The test is provided by ATI, the firm that gives the TEAS examination test. Their test package is sold at $50 per test.

3. Kaplan Teas Test

Kaplan provides the practice test starting from $49. The TEAS test consists of a database with over 5000 test questions. The questions contain comprehensive explanations. With no other option available on Kaplan, the $49 might be quite expensive to access the Kaplan questions database.

Best TEAS Practice Tests : Top Free

Like the paid TEAS Practice Tests, you can utilize several free practice questions online. The following are some of the best TEAS Practice Tests you should consider;

1. Naxlex Practice Questions

Naxlex offers both free and paid practice questions. The free version will give you access to the teas 7 Math study guide and one full practice test with ten questions on each subject. The practice is timed at 40 minutes. Try Naxlex for Free.

2. Test-Guide's Practice Tests

The advantage of this free practice test is that it offers ten diverse test exams to familiarize you with the teas exam. The test provides practice tests for; reading, math, science and the English language. On the flip side, Test-Guide does not provide complete free practice tests.

3. NurseHub's TEAS Practice Questions

The NurseHub provides TEAS Practice Tests for the four key examinable content areas: math, reading, science and English language. The test gives detailed responses to help you comprehend difficult concepts. However, the test doesn't give complete free practice tests.

4. Practice Questions provides free practice questions that are quite detailed. The content of the questions is quite extensive and useful to the applicants. The free version offers limited content to its users unless you purchase premium content for unlimited access.

The TEAS exam is an important component in your nursing admission journey. It would help if you prepared thoroughly to boost your chances of excelling in your teas exam. Fortunately, the TEAS Practice Tests can be useful resources to help you achieve greater scores on your first attempt.

Naxlex is the Best TEAS Practice Test to achieve the greatest score in your nursing application. To achieve a 90% pass mark, try Naxlex Now .

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