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Hesi A2 Cheat Sheet for Standards of Measure

The usage of standards of measure is popular in the nursing and healthcare field. As a potential nursing applicant, you likely have seen a drug prescription utilizing units of measurement in milliliters (ml) and pints, among others. Cheat sheets for the Hesi test in standard measures can give special knowledge in this field. The following shows a summarized Hesi A2 Cheat Sheet test in various standards of measure;

Hesi A2 Cheat Sheet -Volumes
  1. One cubic centimeter equals One milliliter
  2. A thousand milliliters equals one liter
  3. Thirty milliliters equals one ounce
  4. Eight ounces equals one cup
  5. Two cups equal one pint
  6. Two pints equals one quart
  7. Four quarts equal one gallon
Hesi A2 Cheat Sheet -Weights
  • Ten milligrams equal one gram
  • Hundred centigrams equal one gram
  • A thousand grams equals one kilogram
  • A thousand grams equal one ton
  • Sixteen ounces equal one pound
  • Two points two pounds equal one kilogram
  • Two thousand pounds equal one ton
hesi a2 cheat sheet
Hesi A2 Cheat Sheet -Distance
  • Ten milliliters equal one centimeter
  • Two point five four equal one inch
  • Hundred centimeters equal one meter
  • A thousand meters equal one kilometer
  • Twelve inches equals one foot
  • Three feet equal one yard
  • 5, 280 feet = 1,760 yards = 1 mile
Hesi A2 Cheat Sheet -Measurement Conversions
  • Two point five four centimeters equals one inch
  • One meter equals three point two eight feet
  • One point six one kilometers equals one mile
  • One point zero six quarts equal one liter
  • Three point seven nine liters equals one gallon
  • Twenty-eight point three grams equals one ounce
  • One kilogram equals two point two points
Hesi A2 Cheat Sheet -Prefixes
  • Auto means self. An example of usage can be "autography."
  • Con means with. An example of sentence usage is "conclude."
  • Hydro refers to water. An example of grammar usage is "hydrate."
  • Inter infers between. A relevant example of usage is international
  • Miss is a prefix denoting misspelling. A good example of usage is "misled."
  • Post means after. A good example of sentence use can be "postpone."
  • Sub refers to under or below. An example can be submarine
  • Re means again. An example is rewrite
Hesi A2 Cheat Sheet -Volumes and Weight Conversions
  • One pint equals sixteen fluid ounces
  • One quart equals two pints
  • One gallon equals four quarts
  • A thousand milligrams equal one gram
  • A hundred centigrams equal one gram
  • One kilogram equals a thousand grams
  • One metric ton equals a thousand kilograms
Hesi A2 Cheat Sheet –Types of Analogies
  • Synonyms are words with similar meanings, e.g., beginner and novice. Expert and pro
  • Antonyms are words with opposite meanings, e.g., hot and cold, up and down.
  • Part/ whole; one word is part of another word, e.g., stars and galaxy, pages and book
  • Cause/ effect denotes the condition, and the other depicts the outcome, e.g., joke and laughter, pinch and pain
  • Category and type; one word depicts the general locale, and the other denotes something that falls into it. An example is; music and folk, dance and ballet.
  • Degree of intensity; are words with similar meanings, but one has stronger intensity; an example is; glad and joyful, angry and furious.
  • Performer and related outcome. One word denotes the person, while the other denotes the outcome of the performer, e.g., thief and stealer, doctor, and treatment.

How to Study for the Hesi Test?

Besides using cheat sheets for the Hesi test, you can use other proven strategies to pass the Hesi the first time. The following illustrates some of the tips you can explore;

cheat sheet for the hesi test

1. Use Hesi Practice Test

A practice test is a good study guide to help you prepare for the Hesi test. Naxlex, for instance, provides preparation questions similar to the exam. With Naxlex, you're guaranteed a stellar performance of 90% and above.

2. Have a Timetable

A timetable is important to keep your learning process well organized. Organize your subjects in the timetable according to the time you need to cover each subject. Areas you find challenging can have more time to help you cover the required details.

3. Explore other Hesi Study Guides

Other Hesi test preparation guides include; online courses, flashcards, eBooks, and printed books.

4. Explore Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Facebook (FB) are vital learning resources for efficient Hesi preparation. You can find prominent FB groups with practical ideas to guide your preparation process.

5. Use YouTube

YouTube contains essential Hesi preparation guides from tutors across the world. You can access these materials by navigating to the YouTube search bar. Top materials can be identified by following channels with more subscribers and comments.

The Hesi exam can be challenging for many nursing applicants who need extra preparation. There are various resources that students can use for their exam preparation. One of them is the Hesi A2 Cheat Sheet. However, there are chances of being caught, especially if you use the cheat sheet in the test room.

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