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What is the LPN Entrance Exam?

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The LPN entrance exam, or The NCLEX-PN test conducted by State Nursing Boards, evaluates vocational knowledge and readiness for practical nursing. It's also known as "Boards," and passing is essential for LPN/LVN licensure.

Unlike regular exams, NCLEX-PN is computer-adaptive, adjusting question difficulty based on your performance. The exam is a challenging yet manageable experience, especially if you prepare for the LPN entrance exam practice test for free. The exam adapts until the computer is 95% confident about your overall competence across all tested areas, leading to a variable number of questions between 85-150 for each test taker.

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This exam lasts five hours, consisting of multiple-choice questions with four answer options. However, you might come across diverse question types, like interactive charts. The exams also feature questions from audio or graphics-based questions, short answer queries, and multiple response items. It may include "hotspot" questions, requiring you to identify spots on images and drag-and-drop or ordered response tasks. The Next Generation(NGN) version introduced in 2023 has new question styles like matrix and close. Check out an NGN Exam.

The Questions Type You Tackle in LPN Entrance Exam

The LPN entrance exam has four major categories, and it's divided as follows;

1. Safe & Effective Care Environment

This section covers two main subjects

  • Coordinated care (16%- 22%): the topic covers patients' rights, advocacy, supervisory concepts,  prioritization of informed consent, client care, quality improvement, legal issues, confidentiality, and continuity of care.
  • Safety & infection control(10%-16%): In this topic, expect questions from emergency response plans, home safety, handling hazardous materials, security, ergonomics, and error prevention.

2. Health Promotion & Maintenance (7%-13%)

The questions in this section revolves around the aging process, developmental stages, maternal and infant care, disease prevention, high-risk behaviors, community health, community resources, and data collection methods

3. Physiological Integrity

In this area, the question focuses on these areas

  • Basic care and comfort(13%): most questions were tailored from elimination, hygiene, sleep, mobility, hydration, nutrition, and assistive devices.
  • Pharmacological therapies(11%- 17%): in this area, expect questions from drug administration like adverse effects of drugs, dosage calculation, pain management, side effects, and expected actions.
  • Potential risk reduction (10%- 16%): here, you will face questions from diagnostic tests, vital signs, laboratory results, therapeutic process, and body system alterations.
  • Physiological adaptation (7%- 13%) The area covers diverse physiological adaptations like body system alterations, medical emergencies, and fluid and electrolyte imbalances.

4. Psychosocial integrity (8% - 14%)

The section covers diverse topics such as drug dependency, mental health, crisis intervention, support system, coping mechanism, therapeutic environment, sensory alterations, stress management, abuse and neglect, grief process, and behavioral management.

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