The teas exam is an important prerequisite for admission to a nursing program or other healthcare course. The teas nursing practice test is a great resource that can empower you towards your exam preparation. The test is designed to give a clearer picture of what to expect in the exam. Thus, nursing practice tests give candidates a better chance to prepare for the exam correctly.

Unfortunately, 40% of nursing applicants will fail the test on their first attempt, necessitating a retake. You can pass your exam using the Naxlex teas nursing practice test for the first time. Naxlex provides a preliminary test that predicts the exam at 99% precision. If you want to score a team score of 90% and above on your first attempt, Naxlex test prep is all you need; try the test.

What is the Teas Test and Purpose?

The teas is a short form for the Test of Essential Academic Skills. It is a nursing test whose purpose is to assess the student’s fitness to join a nursing or health science course. The exam evaluates the student’s skills in four content areas: reading, English & language usage, math, and science. Passing the test means you can comprehend nursing lectures with fewer difficulties.

Although the teas test is not a mandatory requirement for all nursing programs, many nursing schools require applicants to pass the teas test for their admission to be successful. If you are joining a school with a teas score requirement, you must use the teas nursing practice test to ensure you’re well prepared for the exam.

What Does the Teas Test for Nursing Cover?

The teas test evaluates your academic suitability in the following fundamental topics; math, reading, English & language, and science. Each content area is further broken down into sub-sections within individual content areas.

The followings are the content pieces and sub-sections explored;

1. The Nursing Teas Reading Content Area

The reading content piece evaluates three key sub-sections: key ideas & concepts, craft & structure, and integration of knowledge & ideas. The reading area comprises forty-five questions within a 55 minutes’ time frame.

2. The Nursing Teas Math Area

The math area consists of two major sub-sections; numbers & algebra and measurements & data. The sub-sections evaluate 38 questions within 57 minutes.

3. The Nursing Teas Science Content

The science content area explores four key sub-sections: biology, chemistry, human anatomy & physiology, and scientific reasoning. A total of 50 questions are evaluated from this content area within one hour.

4. The Nursing Teas English & Language Usage

The English section assesses your readiness to use grammar and other language skills. It focuses on three major sub-sections, including; conventions of standard English, knowledge of dialect, and the use of language to express ideas. The content area consists of 37 questions within 37 minutes.

The real test is allotted 209 minutes, with an average of a minute required to respond to each question. It is, therefore, very important to approach the exam thoroughly prepared. The teas nursing practice test can be a resourceful guide in your overall test preparation.

How to Prepare for TEAS Nursing Entrance Exam?

Preparing for the teas nursing entry test can be simple with the right approach. The following are some tips that can help you prepare for the TEAS nursing entrance exam;

1. Use the Teas Nursing Practice Tests

Nursing practice tests are excellent materials to prepare for the teas exam. A good practice test offers exercise questions that mimic the actual exam. The practice materials give you the competency you deserve to sit for the test. A magnificent test that can help you pass your teas on the first attempt is the Naxlex teas nursing practice test.

2. Use Study Guide

Study guides can offer complimentary learning materials for exam preparation. There are several materials you can consider, both print and eBooks.

3. Join Social Forums

Social media, such as Facebook groups, can provide a learning community among learners with shared interests. Search for the groups related to teas preparation and join the ones that suit your interests.

4. Use YouTube

YouTube offers millions of curated content for various niches. You’ll likely get good info guides related to the teas preparation. One way to identify the best material is by checking the number of views in a given video. The higher the video views and positive comment engagements, the better the material.

5. Have a Study Timetable

A learning timetable can help you program your study. Identify your weak areas and focus more time on those places. Ensure you cover all the examinable content areas. Follow your study timetable in the letter.

Though not all nursing colleges require the teas test, many schools providing competitive nursing programs demand their applicants to pass the test for successful admission. Therefore, a teas nursing practice test can be a great resource for preparing for the test.

If you want to pass the test in your first round, the Naxlex teas nursing practice test is an important material that will help you achieve a 90% pass on the exam. The test offers exercise questions that pattern the real exam. Achieve great scores with Naxlex now.

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