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I Failed Teas Test 3 Times? Naxlex TEAS Prep All You Need

Naxlex TEAS Practice Test

Students who imagine, “I Failed Teas Test 3 Times, what next?” can try their luck in the next application window. The Pennsylvania College of Technology allows students to retake their teas exam three times a year with a monthly gap between each attempt. With good help, you can pass your teas test on your next attempt.  

Reflect on having a unique opportunity to pass your teas test in the first trial; you will have saved time and resources reinvested in teas retake. Naxlex is a superior test preparation program that helps you to score 90% on your TEAS first attempt. It predicts the exam with 99% accuracy. Achieve a grade A score in your next teas exam with Naxlex.

Failing Teas Test 3 Times Hinders Your Admission Success

Admission to a nursing school may require several requirements, including recommendation letters, school transcripts, historical grades, and the teas test scores. Although test scores are not mandatory for all nursing colleges, many schools require applicants to pass their teas exam for successful admission.

Failure to achieve the required teas test score limits your chances of joining your dream college. The only solution to this is sufficient preparation to score the necessary grades. If you are joining a college that uses teas test scores for admissions, you must ensure you are prepared for the exam. 

You don’t need advanced knowledge from professional nurses to pass the teas test. You only need to showcase your knowledge of basic math, science, reading, anatomy, and physiology in nursing and healthcare. If you failed your teas test 3 times, you must prepare sufficiently for the next retake.

Many potential students who have failed their teas test 3 times wonder, “How many times can I take the TEAS?” The actual number of teas test retakes varies from school to school. It’s crucial to contact the school you want to join for guidance on how many times you can retake after a failed attempt. The school can also inform you of the passing score.

What is The Passing Score for Teas Test?

If you have failed the teas test 3 times, you might wonder, “What score do I need to pass the teas?”, The passing grade varies from school to school. For instance, Palomar nursing college requires applicants to score a minimum grade of 62%. Conversely, Mohawk Valley College demands its candidates score at least 58.7%.

I failed teas 3 times

Some other schools require their applicants to score good cumulative scores in respective content areas such as; math, science, reading, and others. Georgia Gwinnett College’s pass mark is 70%, with the subsection passing score at 60%. If you achieve below 60% in any sub-section, you won’t get the required passing mark to join the college.

The Georgia Gwinnett College 60% sub-section passing score is utilized to ensure the students joining the college are well-rounded in all aspects of academic preparedness. If you wonder, “How do I pass the TEAS if I failed 3 times?” you must work hard and utilize the best teas preparation resources like Naxlex for an instant pass in your next retake.

If I Failed, the Teas test 3 Times; – How Many Times Can I Retake My Teas?

Every nursing college has its teas retake policy, meaning, if you have failed teas test 3 times, you can retake the test as guided by the school you want to join. Some schools allow students to retake the teas test once a year, while others can accommodate the teas test 3 times a year. Check with the school to know the exact number of retakes allowed.

The University of Maryland gives students two trials within a year with a 30 days interval after each failed attempt. Applicants joining Palomar College can retake their teas test after 30 days following their last failed attempt. Some students may pass the exam but wish to retake it for greater scores. In such cases, the retake is allowed after two years.

If you want to join Georgia Gwinnett College, you can retake your teas test two times a year. Mohawk Valley gives students a chance to retake their teas test two times a year with a two-year restriction if they fail in their attempt. Students must wait up to two years if they fail the teas test in the previous attempts.

Pennsylvania College of Technology gives applicants three chances to retake the teas test. Each retake is separated by a 30-day waiting period before retaking the teas test. Since passing the test can be stressful, applicants can seek help from trusted test preparatory services like the one provided by Naxlex for excellent performance.

Should I Retake My Teas If I Failed the Teas test 3 Times?

You can pass the teas test and fail to get admission, especially if the school you want to join is highly competitive. Other than failing the teas test 3 times, passing the teas test on the lower side can limit your chances of joining your dream school. Therefore, it would help if you aimed to score the highest grade to get an admission slot in your dream nursing college.

If you achieved the passing score but were not admitted, you can retake the TEAS test to improve your scores. Besides, if you have failed teas test 3 times, you can retake the test. But to achieve higher grades in your next teas test attempt, you must utilize the best learning materials. Naxlex is the number one product that will give you a guaranteed 90%.

The teas score report gives applicants a well-analyzed report card indicating their weak areas and the sections they must focus on to pass the test in their next trial. The teas score report can be resourceful material to guide your future learning strategies as you aim to score higher passing scores.

If you fail the TEAS test three times or have a passing score lying on the borderline but still miss the admission due to steep competition, you can retake the test.


The teas test can be tough for students who need further preparation. If you’re wondering, “I have failed the TEAS test three times; what next?” you can excel in your next teas attempt by using Naxlex. The test preparation guarantees you a 90% score. If you use the test and fail your exam, you will get a 100% money-back guarantee.

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